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The plot moves along very well. The characters are well written and the author gives the reader an authentic look at life in the troubles. One line that I liked,p.

A heart attack special. A very neat ending. I read this in 4 days. View all 9 comments. Oct 28, Malia rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-suspense. This is the first in what seems like a promising series set in Northern Ireland during the late 80s. The story grabbed my attention from the start, but it is not the mystery which makes this book stand out. I am a very character-driven reader, and Sean Duffy is a good one.

He is flawed, but capable, interesting without seeming contrived and I will be curious to see how his story continues. View all 8 comments. I absolutely loved this great crime thriller. Duffy possesses all the traits that I require in a detective: he's whip-smart and intuitive, with great taste in music.

McKinty's terrific snarky dialogue frequently made me laugh aloud. The last thing I needed at this time in my life was to start a new series, but you'd better believe I'm gonna read this one to the finish. View 1 comment. My wife's grandmother immigrated from northern Ireland in the late 19th century and since things had calmed down in Ireland we flew over to find her ancestral home.

Tony and Linda were extraordinarily helpful in finding the area and Tony provided a walking tour of Belfast and Bellaghy a town he said he was still a little reluctant to visit given it was in the heart of the "troubles" not so very long ago.

This kind of circumspection is totally foreign to us in the States where we all too frequently voice our opinions rather belligerently. Which provides a little background for this book. It's an excellent police procedural that takes place in the heat of the "troubles. He's being groomed for better things: " The police were keen to have me.

A university graduate, a psychologist, and that most precious thing of all. And now seven years later, after a border posting, the CID course, a child kidnapping, a high-profile heroin bust, and several murder investigations, I was a newly promoted Detective Sergeant at the relatively safe RUC station in Carrickfergus.

Until they discover the hand belongs to someone else and there is a piece of musical score with no words shoved up the man's anus. Someone is killing homosexuals and wants to brag about it.

No more about the plot. The constant sense of fear from random violence must have been debilitating, restaurants being torched with IRA napalm gasoline and sugar , shootings, one's favorite pub being bombed. I can't imagine what it must have been like to always wonder whether the windows in the store one is walking by might at any moment disintegrate in an hail of flying glass.

A country where police did not wear their seat belts. The statistical department of the RUC felt that, on balance, it was better not to wear a seat belt. It was a classic IRA tactic.

You call in a tip about a murder, the police go to investigate and they trip a booby trap or the provos remotely detonate a landmine or pipe bomb. Sometimes they place a time-delayed device in a car in the street so they can get the rescue workers too. This one does. A real page turner. I eagerly await the second volume in the series. I just ran across this comment by Garbhan Downey in the Summer issue of MRJ which has a section on Irish mysteries: Working in Derry as a reporter during the latter part of the Irish troubles was like living in the pages of a long, twisted crime novel, whose author had forgotten to script an ending.

I once covered the murder of a child, in which, no lie, the killer managed to steal the body back from the police and hide it in a forest for twelve hours. On another occasion, the night before Halloween, I interviewed the survivor of a gun-massacre, whose Dracula cloak had just been clattered with real blood.

First, a bit of history. This is just for those of you who did not do well in high school history class like myself to say the least. However, I believe that you're never to old to learn, and for that alone I enjoyed this book very much.

I definitely got a crash course about the times of Northern Ireland's "Troubles" during I researched this on Google and found one site that explains it succinctly. I posted the link at the bottom of this review because it really, really, helped me to, not only understand the underlying elements of the plot, but also to appreciate and enjoy the intricate details that make this book so unique.

The Irish setting combined with the real life history put an original twist on the 'standard' crime, mystery, thriller, suspense novel and I can't wait to read the rest of the series! I loved the characters immediately!

Especially Detective Sean Duffy. We are introduced to him right off the top and made me laugh out loud. Duffy's sense of humor is priceless, while at the same time, his strict sense of duty and proper crime scene procedure remains intact. It was really fun to read while I tried to imagine the text being spoken with an Irish accent.

It's not easy but I found it different and fun. Duffy and his homicide team that make up the CID Criminal Investigation Department within the British, and many other Commonwealth police forces, are well developed and are genuinely full of life and individual personality.

Also, the crimes that they are trying to solve are unusual and have an interesting spin as a result of the Irish setting and language as described below. This is the first novel I've read by Adrian McKinty and I found that it took a little more concentration on my part to read. Firstly, because I don't have a firm grasp of the "Troubles" history aspect. And secondly, due to the fact that the story is set in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, and I'm not at all familiar with the Irish language.

The writing reflects quite a lot of Irish wording and terms, that are.. But It's not difficult to understand. While it slowed my reading down a little, mostly as a result of my own curiosity, it was worth it. I felt like I was there, a world away, in Ireland.

And that is why I especially love to read books written by authors from other places and countries worldwide. In he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he currently resides. View all 7 comments. A feeling of been there, done that permeates the book. Smart Alec cop, gritty setting, action packed mystery; McKinty knows his cliches but does not rise above them. I was recently reading another contemporary UK author - Abir Mukherjee. Both write gritty crime tales in a historical setting.

Their worlds bubble with an authenticity that deserves all the accolades they get. But their protagonists seem like discarded drafts from better crime writers. Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop in Northern Ireland i A feeling of been there, done that permeates the book. Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop in Northern Ireland in early 80s gets the strangest case in the history of the country - A serial killer targeting gays and leaving classical music pieces along with his victims.

Good to see serial killers being treated as a novelty, pop culture makes it seem cops see them with the same frequency as most people see the sky or the furniture. Duffy is hated by the Catholic IRA who see him as a traitor to their cause. And also viewed suspiciously by Protestants who make up the majority of North Ireland population. Incidentally McKinty does not give me enough background about this, I had to Google certain things. Maybe he thought everyone in UK will know about it but I think even someone from Australia or USA would have preferred more contextual clues.

There is a lot happening besides the main mystery. IRA is on a hunger strike, actual history again with real people making cameos and yet Google telling me that instead of McKinty.

There is also a dead girl, a couple of love interests for Duffy - true love and true lust, subplots about life in a war torn country and Duffy's sexual identity crisis. Yup the last one came out of nowhere. It was like McKinty said, 'Hey let's add some character depth.

Let's add a big gun battle, that's what people want anyway. The actual solution is inspired but McKinty tries to tie everything into a bow, making it too ridiculous and turning Duffy into a Bond clone. The Irish setting is the best part of the story. Not Tana French good but this has an undeniable sense of place. The prose too shines in places, not yet quotable but getting there. The main problem here is Duffy acts cynical because the cliches expect him to.

It is not the mature cynicism of a world weary man, it is the quip friendly schoolyard banter posing as cynicism. Think crime fiction's most gritty protagonists from Marlowe and Spade from the classics to Dave Robicheaux and Matthew Scudder among modern greats. Their worldview feels part of their personality while Duffy's seem a bit forced.

Duffy's posturing seems distinctly teenage. It is the same problem as how McKinty spoils a good ending by snuffing out every last hint of ambiguity. He simply is not as cynical as he wants us to believe. Not bad but frankly there are way better authors writing different versions of the same narrative.

Seek them out instead. Any idea why most UK writers name their series as Inspector X or Detective Y, while most US authors don't use their designation and just the name of the lead. I prefer the US way, writing a designation before the lead's name sounds as if the writer is wallowing in self-importance. Why haven't I discovered Adrian McKinty before !!!! He nails it in this book The setting and the whole nine yards.

The reader is transported to the Irish Troubles. To Belfast of The Librarian told me when I checked this book out that a few of the guys who took this book said that what they lived through in Ireland back the is almost the same atmosphere in the book.

An killer who enjoys listening opera, the classic languages and is killing homosexuals. Homosexuality was a crime in Northern Ireland back then.

I didn't care about it, maybe some readers would care about religious differences It's useful to get familiar with all those Irish and British factions and armies that were in Ireland back then as the novel doesn't give much background info. So a quick google search or Wikipedia should help a first time reader to understand the IRA, the hunger strikes and various other aspects.

The writing is so similar to classic noir like Chandler and Hammett Looking forward to the second book in the series. View 2 comments. I was 15 in when this book was set and remember the hunger strikes and the Troubles very well during this period. In fact, at that stage of my life I had never travelled to Northern Ireland. I eventually made it to Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland in , 32 years later.

His colleagues are wary of him and he of them. Every morning, he checks his car to make sure it is not "booby trapped" i. He is obviously a bit of a black sheep, his job alone is testament to this. Plus the fact that he lives in Coronation Road, a predominately Protestant area Stores, a theater and other busi- nesses that once lined Main Street closed years ago. And crime is on the rise, he believes. Wyman said there have been a number of armed robberies in the town in recent months.

Racial overtones? Wymanwonders if race played a part in recent killings. His view is shared by many. Three other Americans were wounded.

Stevens was the first U. Best was honored by the Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind with the Arline Phillips Award on Wednesday evening because she is an independent young woman who serves as a role model for other blind and visually impaired people. For story, see Page 6A. For more photos, go to www. Caitlin Best walks with Teka near her home, where curbs are plenty and side- walks end without warning. An Egyptian eye is tattoed on her wrist. She is self-taught on the bass guitar. Corrections will appear in this spot.

If you have information to help us correct an inaccuracy or cover an issue more thor- oughly, call the newsroom at Managing Editor Anne Woelfel Main St. Judge Joseph Sklarosky said he hopes to have a jury of six men and six women delib- eratingbythis afternoonafter prosecutors in the case of Robert Wickham, 55, completed calling witnesses Wednesday.

Wickham faces charges of homicide by motor vehicle while driving under the influ- ence and two counts of DUI in the March incident. The open door struck Polinchak, accord- ing to prosecutors, knocking her to the pave- ment.

Forensic pathologist Gary Ross testified about the injuries Polinchak received, in- cluding abrasions and bruises on both legs, and a head injury that she was not likely to recover from. The trial resumed after a brief delay.

Sklarosky said defense attorneys will call their two witnesses Thursday morning be- fore attorneys present their closing argu- ments.

The jury will then be instructed on the law before being sent to deliberate. Last year, more than 40, indi- viduals were aided in some way by a United Way member agency. Paul Eyerman, the depart- ments first chief, turned in the first of the reports Tuesday night. He also reported11emergency calls answered, a 22 active-mem- ber roster and ongoing weekly training for members, part of an apparent effort to open commu- nicationbetweenthe department and the supervisors.

Supervisor Marcia Thomas said she was concerned about a closed-door meeting for supervi- sors and department officials to gauge the depthof their problem. She said the meeting should have been public, and further, if department officials had brought it to the board sooner, the prob- lem may have been resolved by now.

Fire Chief Don Bly said several times to the board the current ad- ministrators were not to blame for the bad record-keeping, rath- er it was inherited fromthe previ- ous office-holders.

He said none of the current de- partment administrators held their positions in December, when the violations were filed with the auditor general.

The log blocks a shorter route to reach the development owned by the Presidential Land Co. McConnell said children having to walk far- ther to reachthe school bus was a concern. Solicitor William Higgs said the roads were constructed to meet improvement requirements for the developer to build in the township. Once he built the roads, the developer never dedi- cated them to the township, so they remain his property.

Board Chairman Miller Stella saidhe has approachedthe devel- oper, Wlodzimierz Jaskiewicz, on several occasions but was re- jected immediately. Higgs saidhe continues toseek solutions to open the road back up. Fire dept. Fraind previously served for six years on the board but lost a re-election bid in to Joseph Siecko. Fraind more recently rep- resented the township on the Berwick Area Joint Sewer Au- thority, but he was also replaced by Siecko during a municipal re- organization in January.

Pearse was serving the third year of a four-year term. He was scheduled to run for re-election in the primary. He saidhe will runnext year for elec- tion to a full term. Kyle Robert Shaw, 19, of East- view Drive, was sentenced on charges of robbery, criminal conspiracy and terroristic threats. He pleaded guilty to the charges in April. Judge Fred Pierantoni said Shaw will receive 45 days credit for time already served in prison and is to complete 25 hours of community service.

Twyman was sen- tenced to seven to 23 months in county prison after he pleaded guilty to related charges. Elected judges, inspectors and committee people are requested to attend. All Republicans are welcome to attend. A brief discussion will be held on upcoming events.

Two new positions were cre- ated at the board meeting. A matron for the State Street Ele- mentary center will be posted. This is a housekeeping posi- tion. Also, another security guard position will be posted.

Samantha Krochmaluk was hired as an emotional-sup- port aide andDonna Yeninas as a learning-support aide. Board member Brian Dubaskas ab- stained from voting on hiring the aides as Colleen Dubaskas is his ex-sister-in-law.

The pro- ject is nearing completion and all classrooms are open and functioning. Once this is accomplished, she will then be qualified to train others to deal with the many issues that could poten- tially arise when individuals with mental-health challenges find themselves in crisis. The event will feature rides for children and will serve as a benefit for the playground at Charles Street Park.

Luzerne chief picked for elite training session By B. Yusiff, of Wilkes-Barre, is facing an unknown charge in juvenile court in connection with the shooting death of year-old Tyler Winstead. Winstead was found shot on April 5 in front of Hill St. Because of state law, court proceedings involving Yusiff are closed to the public due to the charge he faces.

Con- stitution by 39 men on Sept. Wilkes will be observing Constitu- tion Day on Sept. This presentation is free and open to the public. The Health Department will vaccinate any resi- dent who provides proof of resi- dency.

Mayor Tom Leighton has issued a proclamation in support of this initia- tive and will launch the event a. The grant will allow the YMCA to include 35 low-income, physically at-risk chil- dren in the program this year, ensur- ing that each child receives at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity and weekly nutrition education ses- sions for 35 weeks.

Tony Ransome appeared in Lu- zerne County Court for a detention hearing on unknown felony charges in the shooting that injured year- old Christian Sholly on Hutson Street. The hearing is opentothe public due to the nature of the charges against Ransome and because of his age.

The type and number of charges Ransome faces is still unknown and will be readat the next hearing. Investigators have not outlined the details surrounding the shoot- ing, but neighbors say they heard yelling coming from the 86 Hutson St.

Neither were. Hershey Medical Center in Her- shey. Thehospitalizedwomanis the mother of both the victim and de- fendant. Shepherd declined comment Wednesday when leaving the cour- thouse.

Ransome said Wednesday he will soon turn 15 and that he is in ninth grade at the Plains Alternative LearningCenter. Sholly remains in critical condition. The ruling also is subject to appeal. County Interim Election Director Tom Pizano said all other county elec- tion offices face the same ballot uncer- tainty because of the court challenge.

The county must pay more for ballot al- terations after Sept. In addition to presidential contender Gary Johnson, who is the governor of New Mexico, and his vice president teammate, James P. Gray, four Libertar- ians are on the ballot in the following races: U. The challenge centers onwhether Lib- ertarians secured enough valid nominat- ing petition signatures. A Harveys Lake council majority sought the nonbinding referendum to obtain public input on the police reloca- tion. Pizano said overtime is traditionally required during presidential general elections, when the voter turnout is 80 percent.

The office will be hit with addi- tional duties verifying the identities of absentee voters due to the new voter ID law, he said. Election officials said they will re- quest website posting in the future. The board met in closed-door execu- tive session after the meeting to discuss the process that will be used by the ad- ministration to select a new election di- rector. Board OKs ballot for elections on Nov. Auctions to sell surplus vehicles and equipment next month, the owner of the business said.

Leo A. Glodzik Jr. Auction Services is set to hold a sale on Oct. The company has held sales for Lu- zerne County and other municipalities in the county. His son, Leo A. Glodzik III, has the city towing contract, but that has noth- ing to do withhis hiring for the auction, the father said. City spokesman Drew McLaughlin confirmed L. The professional service is not sub- ject to bid, McLaughlin said.

The auction company is neither be- ing paid by the city nor is the company paying for the right to auction the items.

The municipality of Kingston al- so is including items in the sale. The auction company receives 10 percent of the sale proceeds, McLaugh- lin explained. The company brings its own client base, which increases the likelihood of a better outcome, McLaughlin said. The sale of police cars, a school bus, cinder spreaders, dump trucks and oth- er items has been advertised on L.

Instead, she is watch- ing cartoons as she rais- es her five grandchil- dren on her own. Gross- man of the NEPA Inter- generational Coalition, millions of children are be- ing raised by their grand- parents nationwide. In Pennsylvania, more than , children are being raised in households head- ed by grandparents. These families face ev- eryday challenges, strug- gles and opportunities.

The reasons are many why these situations oc- cur. When Janis died in , there was no option left but for Salazar to gain le- gal guardianship. Why should you hold the kids accountable when it was their parents who were not accountable? Offers good thru Saturday, September 22nd! Offers effective in our PA excluding Montrose and Westfall stores only.

The total double cash savings may not exceed the retail price of the item. If it does, you get the item free. Limit 2 double coupons per customer family, per day please. No duplications of this coupon will be accepted. Offer effective thru Saturday, September 22, in all Price Chopper stores. Cans All Regular Varieties of 5 oz.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Tomato Sauce or 28 oz. Salazar admits that raising kids at her age is a lot harder than when she raised her own three children more than two decades ago. But she does what she canwith as much love and support as she can muster. Tysheed Hargrove and Jose Nunez, both19, are each charged with multiple counts of interfe- rence with commerce by robbery in connection with 11 holdups at convenience markets in the Ha- zleton area from December through February , U. At- torney Peter J.

Smith announced at a press conference. Hargrove and Nunez were ap- prehended on Feb. The men, formerly of Newark, N. They were initially charged with state crimes for several of the robberies, which will now be dismissed in favor of the federal case. No one was physically injured in the holdups, although some of the clerks were terrorized by the crimes, Smith said.

Smith said charging the men federally will allow for a swifter resolution of the case and save the local police departments from the time and expense of prosecuting each individual case.

Each of the robbery counts car- ries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. A juvenile also is accused of taking part in some of the robber- ies, Smithsaid. That case is being handled in juvenile court in Lu- zerne County, Smith said. Several busi- nesses were robbed more than once. Prosecutors took the case be- fore a federal grandjury, whichis- sued a 12 count-indictment on Aug.

Smith said his office held off is- suing a press release about the in- dictment until he couldget repre- sentatives from all departments involvedinthe case together for a press conference, which was held at the state police barracks in West Hazleton. Smith lauded the collaborative efforts of the various lawenforce- ment agencies, including state police and the Hazleton, Tama- qua, McAdoo, Kidder Township, Rush Township and Nesquehon- ing police departments, for help- ing federal prosecutors bring the charges.

Robbery spree a fed case U. But lawyers for the plaintiffs insist hundreds of thousands of other regis- tered voters do not know about the requirement, do not have a valid ID or will be unable to get one. Republicans justify the requirement as a bulwark against potential election fraud.

BEIRUT Violence increases in Syria An explosion targeting Syrian regime forces killed at least three people in northern Syria on Wednesday — and possibly up to 18 — amid rising vio- lence ahead of a visit by the new U. Diplomatic efforts have so far failed to halt the bloodshed in Syria, but the new international envoy, Lakhdar Bra- himi, will be in Syria today for talks with Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, according to ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi.

The Britain-based Syrian Observ- atory for Human Rights said in a state- ment that a car bomb exploded, and that 18 security agents were killed. But a government official told The Associated Press that a suicide attacker blew himself up in Saraqeb, killing two policemen and a civilian. Sexually violent predators are sub- ject to intense reporting requirements upon release.

The designation is ex- pected to have little effect on Sand- usky, since he stands never to be re- leased. The former Penn State assist- ant football coach awaits sentencing after being convicted in June of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. Steve Forde, a spokesman for the Marcellus Shale Coalition, says transparency in the debate is important. With joblessness persistently high, the gap between rich and poor in- creased in the last year, according to two major census measures.

A Census Bureau report released Wednesday provides a mixed picture of the economic well-being of U. The num- bers are coming out not long before the Nov. The overall poverty rate stood at 15 percent, statistically unchanged from the The rate was better thana consensus es- timate of demographers who had pre- dicted, based on weak wage growth, a gain of up to half a percentage point, to levels not seen since By total numbers, rough- ly That figure was the highest in more than half a century when records were kept.

The 15 percent poverty rate was basically unchanged from and was the highest since Broken down by state, New Mexico had the highest share of poor people, at On the other end of the scale, New Hampshire had the lowest, at 7. Also, job gains in the private sector that helped offset cuts in state and local government workers.

Bruce D. Meyer, an economist at the University of Chicago, said it was disap- pointing that poverty levels did not im- prove. He describedit as a signof linger- ing problems in the labor market even with recent declines in unemployment. The official povertylevel is basedona government calculation that includes only income before tax deductions. It excludes capital gains or accumulated wealth, such as home ownership. The protection rate falls from about 95 percent to 71 percent within five years, said research- ers at theKaiser PermanenteVac- cine ResearchCenter inOakland, Calif.

The U. Wil- liam Schaffner, an infectious-dis- ease specialist at Vanderbilt Uni- versity. In light of the findings and ear- lier, similar research, health offi- cials are considering recom- mending another booster shot for children, strengthening the vaccine or devising a brand new one. Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial disease that can strike people of any age but is most dangerous to children.

Its name comes from the sound youngsters make as they gasp for breath. It used to be common, causing hundreds of thousands of illness- es annually and thousands of deaths. Cases dropped after a vaccine was introduced in the s, and for decades, fewer than 5, a year were reported in the U. Because of side effects that in- cluded pain and swelling at the injection site, fever and apparent- ly, in rare cases, brain damage, the vaccine was replaced in the s.

The newer version used only parts of the bacterium in- stead of the whole thing and car- ried fewer complications. But cases of whooping cough began to climb, sometimes top- ping 25, a year during the past decade. Alsodisturbing: The proportion of cases involving children ages 7 to 10 — most of them vaccinated — rose from less than 10 percent before to nearly 40 percent this year, ac- cording to the CDC. Whooping cough vaccine weaker Loss in effectiveness may be main reason for biggest outbreak in decades.

Research has long shown that kids who play violent vid- eo games are more likely to have risky thoughts. But the newstudy went a step further, asking teenagers to admit whether or not they had ac- tually performed the danger- ous driving acts.

The researchers, of Dart- mouth College, conducted a series of phone interviews over a four-year period with thousands of youths, starting when the subjects were not yet old enough to drive. In later stages of the study, once the participants were driving regularly, the scien- tists asked kids questions suchas whether they hadever been pulled over by the police and whether they had been in an accident in the previous year.

The researchers found a significant correlation be- tweenviolent videogameplay and reckless driving: People who played violent video games were more likely to al- so drive recklessly. The researchers did not, however, report how much more likely such behaviors were whenkids playedviolent video games, only that the two were strongly related.

Participants who played such games were also more likely to admit a willingness to drink and drive, researchers said. In other words, the re- searchers suggest, the players become more like the charac- ters they are controlling on screen. The death toll there rose to people Wednesday, as firefighters battled the flames for hours, said senior government official RoshanAli Sheikh. He saidearlier that people died, but this figure dou- ble counted some of the deaths.

Most of the deaths were caused by suf- focation as people caught in the base- ment were unable toescape whenit filled withsmoke, saidthe topfirefighter inKa- rachi, Ehtisham-ud-Din. The building only had one accessible exit, and all the other doors were locked, said Sheikh. Relatives of thevictims saidthefactory owner locked the exit doors in response toarecent theft, therebyendangeringthe workers inside.

Workers onhigher floors of thefive-sto- ry building struggled to make it out of windows that were covered with metal bars. Many were injuredwhenthey jump- ed fromthe building, including a year- old pregnant woman who was injured in the fall. Another injured factory worker, Mo- hammad Ilyas, speaking from the hospi- tal, said he was working with roughly 50 other men and women on one of the floors when suddenly a fireball came from the staircase.

There was no emergency exit. Also on Tuesday night, a fire swept through a four-story shoe factory in the eastern city of Lahore, killing 25 people.

Some died from burns and others from suffocation, said senior police officer Multan Khan. There was also a deadly blaze at a shoe factory in Lahore, Pakistan. Let us return you to the personal family doctor setting where you are taken care of by your own personal physician each and every visit.

Our commitment to our patients is to provide a personalized positive approach to your health care that is accurate, professional, yet delivered in a timely fashion. This is the philosophy Dr. James Jiunta has lived by for the last 28 years in the caring for his patients. James M. Jiunta, D. Best was born with Retino- pathy of Prematurity — a poten- tially blinding eye disorder that primarily affects premature in- fants. But after a series of operations for the removal of cataracts, reti- nal detachments and glaucoma, Best unfortunately lost most of her sight.

She lost most of the vi- sion in her left eye and can distin- guish shapes and colors with her right eye. Wanting to remain independ- ent, Best contacted the Associ- ationfor theBlindfor support and guidance after her vision wors- ened. And she got the help she needed. I flew to California to do three weeks trainingwithher. Teka, a black Labrador, gives Best the freedomshe desires. And Teka is also a great friend. Best also contributes through her job—helpingdisabledworkers through the Equal Employment Opportunity Office at the army depot.

Because of her accomplish- ments, Best on Wednesday re- ceived the Arline Philips Achieve- ment Award, named for the foun- der of the Association for the Blind and presented to a blind or visually impaired person whose lifestyle reflects a level of inde- pendencethat sets anexamplefor others.

Kaplan is honored Rabbi Kaplan received the Dis- tinguished Community Service award, which identifies a commu- nity leader whose life, values and generosity in the service of others are of such renown and stature that they merit special attention and gratitude.

B u tler,O. M ain St. W elook forw ard to continuing our tradition ofsuperiorserviceform any yearsto com e. Voted 1 Masonry Contractor www. First Come - First Served! Par- ents to eight children, Kaplan and his wife, Gerri, opened their hearts and their home to more than 70 foster children over the years.

He also serves onthe several ar- ea boards. Theawardis pre- sented annually to an individual, business or organization for their personal dedication to the need and welfare of others and whose outstanding commitment signifi- cantly enhances the good work of the Association for the Blind.

InterMountain represents morethan50areaphysicians at 33 locations. Their more than professional staff continuously strives to provide health care ser- vices with respect, dignity and compassion, according to the as- sociation. Obituaries must be submitted by 9 p. Sunday through Thursday and p. Friday and Saturday.

Obituaries must be sent by a funeral home or crematory, or must name who is hand- ling arrangements, with address and phone number. Even under current law, there ARE still ways to legally protect your home and other hard-earned assets from being spent down on long term care when you, your spouse or a loved one are either in or about to enter a nursing home. He will be dearly missed. JOHN E. He was a son of the late Joseph and Teresa Farkas Rascan.

The family would like to thank Dr. Mark Lyons for his compassionate care. A funeral at a. Saturday in the Louis V. Mass at the Prince of Peace Parish- St. Inter- ment in Old Forge Cemetery. Friends may call Friday, 5 to 7 p. Gloria was married to Eugene Dut Janczewski for 57 wonderful years.

Eugene passed away on De- cember 19, They were mar- ried on January 21, She was a member of St. C; nu- merous nieces and nephews. Gloria will be greatly and sadly missedby her entire family andthey wish her the most happiest of birth- days in heaven. Afuneral will beheldSaturdayat a.

The Rev. His face is now only a foot away from the granite overhang. He reaches out to touch the rock, but gently, so as not to induce a spin on the rope.

The mountain air is clear and cold, with only a hint of a dawn breeze, enough to mask small sounds but not enough to disturb his body as he slips down the rope. Ten more feet down and the cliff curves back in to become a sheer wall that descends into the morning mists above the river. It is just past morning twilight, that time of suspended animation when darkness retreats but then seems to make a comeback even as the stars begin to lose their definition.

He felt like he knew her, her habits, all her mysterious moves. The rock face is definitely withdrawing from his line of drop now, getting two, then three, then six feet distant, the striations of the ancient rock no longer visible as the forest remained still in anticipation of dawn.

He knows it is; of course it is. He stops the descent and regulates his breathing. He thinks he can hear the tiny creaks of the harness and the sounds of his own heartbeat echoing off the rock wall, even though the granite is now a good ten feet away.

The whole expanse of sheer gray rock is a blur in his peripheral vision. Twist and release, inch by inch now. He imagines he can hear the rope rubbing up top, its synthetic fibers heating under the strain. Rhythmic sounds in the forest are a trip wire to an alerted mountain lion. He now looks up, half-expecting the cat to be up there, peering over the rim of the overhang, a tentative paw reaching for the rope, waiting for him to come back up.

Now that, he thinks, would be truly interesting. Squeeze and release, inch by inch, the concave rock face now a good twenty feet away and beginning to curve back toward the vertical again. He wonders how many and what wonderful kinds of beasts have sought haven there over the millennia. He descends in tiny halting jerks, ignoring the pain in his thighs and the constriction of the harness as he controls his breathing, mouth open to make no sound, taking in small irregular puffs of pristine pine-scented air.

He thinks the breeze, such as it is, is working for him, blowing across the face of the sheer rock and masking the steely smell of his own adrenaline, which makes his eardrums thump with each heartbeat.

Trust your instinct, he reminds himself. Twist and release; twist and release. He locks the ring. For a moment, he just hangs there and listens to his own heartbeat, willing it to slow down, trying for biofeedback and not succeeding worth a damn. He drops below the ledge because now he has to get closer, and the only way to do that is to swing in toward the rock face.

The swing will begin with him at the bottom of an arc. He has to get within eight feet of the ledge, which will happen at the top of the arc, because the Max is worthless beyond eight feet, and its short range is the whole point. Keeping his eyes on the ledge, he reels up the Max and takes it in both hands. He takes a deep breath, lets most of it out, and then, barely inclining his body, initiates the swing.

It takes surprisingly little effort, with almost eighty feet of rope rising into the gloom above him. His body is stiff with tension and resists the swinging impulse. He has to bend his neck and then his shoulders to get it going, moving back and forth, not in a circle, but straight at the rock face, slowly but steadily gathering speed and reach as he swings in toward the rock and up toward the ledge, then away, down, and out over the seemingly bottomless gorge.

An uneasy thrill lights up in his belly as he senses the great height and all that empty air. The river courses invisibly below him, making a distant rushing sound. Back in again, still gripping the Max in both hands and controlling the swing with his body mass. He brings the Max up closer to his face so he can sight properly, pointing it toward the cave while he amplifies the swing into and up toward the rock face, then away, down, and out over the void. His brain knows that the rope is plenty strong, capable of holding him and two others like him.

He no longer has to worry about remaining soundless in the rising light. He catches only a quick glimpse at the top of the arc, seeing and then not seeing, imagining or seeing—which is it? This swing, this arc. Her front legs are twitching back under her belly, the muscles of her massive shoulders and haunches quivering, her fangs baring, her eyes blazing while she shrieks at him and he shrieks back as he raises the camera, sees the blessed ready light, and shoots and winds, shoots and winds.

He raises his knees, bends in the middle, and then thrusts fully upright like a human inchworm, his hands together on the Jumars, climbing now in powerful lunges, kicking up with his legs.

The sudden vertical surge of his body interrupts the rhythm of the arc, so that it diminishes with each powerful reach, while the cat shrieks again and races furiously back and forth in front of her cave; her whirling turns incredibly quick, her total outrage echoing across the canyon, creating an echo chorus of a dozen furious cats. Ian Bailey. Jimmy Melnarik. Neville Williams. James Speakman. Joseph Beard. Dylan Lance. Michael Buonpastore. Cody Blankenship. Chris Murray. Fat Shingleton Andrew Kidd.

Rebel Pyro. Tyler Odom. Andrew E Sciazko. Tyler King. Alex Dipaola. Nathan Houk. Weston Stapleton. Van Wolfe. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. Flip Flops at a Funeral Could it be anymore obvious?

I'm digging at the wounds Stretching at the seams i whore myself out i whore myself out i whore myself out i whore myself out flushed into illustration distract yourself from changes cry beautiful stencil stretching at seams disservice, harm this is the next best thing to killing a god like a bad habit cry beautiful summer reaching out in front for rebooted truth, a final attempt to secure my role the emblematic wasp stuck in your car, am I outside of the window, or will you cleanse the cab printing out the havoc in several prepositional phrases, everything i know gets fucking tired everyone gets tired of creative torture peace medicine theory disposal advance pose guilt succubus I'm driving into the ocean, and i don't know when i can die straying into the sunlight, faith until i deny.

Dog Fight Over the Trenches Let's feel it again, worth in shameful waves Painstaking Face creative floatation device Not my time to die Just pull the trigger you coward Mirror fight or flight I swear, no one will look for me or care when I'm dead Fresh faced angel cake You throw it away Cheap and quick funeral for the kid You throw it away Not my time to die Mirror fight or flight Walk into 9 rings Walk like you have no wheels Mirror fight or flight This place is a fucking pig sty Without the charm or the shame of natural selection Using camouflage as a primary colour, There's always a market for death, Shouting exposition into a wind machine, Learning forest learned my weakness, But i refuse to be written off as a Crisis Actor.

Fake Dinosaur Bones Fake it fake it, your trepidation Be equally afraid for the outcome Did you know that we play house on the same moon?

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