Бесогон - Веня Дркин - Крышкин Дом (Cassette, Album)

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Privacy Overview. His wanderings are drawing to an end and he still does not know who he is and where he is going.

Simon strolls pensively through the desert. Time captures his thoughts. The wind rises. A sand storm rages. It seems to Simon that he is inside some kind of hourglass, counting off his lifetime. He is carried away by this image.

The sand blocks his eyes and he feels as if he is suffocating. Simon drifts into semi-concsiousness. He hears the sound of streams murmuring as if the water was flowing from many chalices. Everything changes around him. His own body transforms into a chalice, opens up to the eternal flow and freezes.

What is happening to him? The transformations are swift and inevitable. Slow and clumsy, Simon watches himself: yes, he is a bush, an eagle and a Nile crocodile, he is the goddess Demeter and a Roman warrior. It seems to him that he is a great wizard that can bring the dead back to life. Suddenly everything disappears and Simon loses consciousness.

It is absolutely quiet and dark. Here it is, the first element, the primal element that caused everything and destroys everything! The Fire, The Sun. It is majestic and perfect. It contains the whole completeness of existence. It combines the primal female and male essences. A march is heard. The First Emanation transforms into a syzygy. The first syzygy is followed by the second one.

While marching the syzygies form some geometric figures. Their movements are precise and mesmerising. The slow pace of the ritual march entrances and hypnotizes.

The march finishes with the marchers forming themselves into a perfect square. Now we can see Simon. He is in a deep sleep together with the followers of some oriental sect.

They will soon wake. Reality returns. In the place where the Fiery Sun Deity was, a blackthorn bush appears, a pitiful green spot amidst the desert. The sand drives over the dunes and one can hear it swishing like the wash of waves. But, in such material conditions, how could they hope to succeed? The rhythm escapes. The First Emanation has disappeared and the rhythm is lost. Simon keeps on walking through the desert. It is still the early evening. There is only the sand, the luminous sky and the huge full moon.

Charmed by its light, Simon remembers his dream, the Fire burns him. The moon will help him comprehend the Fire of the Sun. His whirling dance is dedicated to the Deity of creation. The vision of Helena appears.

Вениамин Д`ркин 'Крышкин дом' (). Издано в naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co экз. Вениамин Д`ркин 'Запись для дяди Коли'. Бесогон () Веня Дркин и Др-Бэнд - Непохожая на сны (). Веня Д'ркин - Ладо () 2. Веня Д.

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  1. Sep 03,  · Веня Д'ркин (Александр Михайлович Литвинов), поэт, музыкант, автор-исполнитель, сказочник, художник. Редкие.
  2. Dec 11,  · Venya D'rkin (11 June - 21 August ) was a poet, artist, painter and writer of fairy tales. "Kryshkin House" was recorded in Moscow, at the “Ostrov”.
  3. Nov 17,  · Веня Дркин на Басманке 22 08 Бесогон DrDom Info 42, views. Веня Д'ркин (Venya D'rkin) - Крышкин Дом ("Kryshkin House.
  4. Apr 30,  · Веня Дркин Выступления в Московском Рок клубе на Старой Басманной 22 марта
  5. Веня Д'ркин. bard, russian rock, singer-songwriter, russian, rock. Веня Д’ркин — второе имя Александра Михайловича Литвинова. Родился 11 июня года в пол. Должанском, Свердловского р-на Луганской области, Украина.
  6. Веня Дркин Дискография (Концерт в Обнинске). Исполнители Веня Д'ркин. Все пластинки, кроме «Крышкин Дом» и «Все будет хорошо» вышли после смерти ДРкина на лейбле ДРдом. — Крышкин Дом;
  7. Веня Дркин Дискография Крышкин Дом Концерт в г. Они играют на нескольких концертах в ДК ЛСХИ. Весной выступает на фестивале «Рок против наркотиков», а осенью переводится на заочное.

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