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She has taken extensive photography and pot- tery classes at U. Berkeley, as well as at Berke- ley High. She has exhibited and sold pieces of pottery through Cafe Ariel. Apparently her paintings are also a success as she was invited to show her work at Cafe Espresso Roma.

Nicola felt the need to give something back to the community, which had helped her family after the fire. She directed art projects with the patients several times a week. Partly based on this experience, Nicola is thinking of pursuing a career in art therapy after college.

Nicola would also like to continue par- ticipating in athletics in college. She excels in sports. She has played a year of volleyball, two years of field hockey, and three years of tennis and softball at Berkeley High. Sophomore and junior year she was M. This year she was the field hockey M. To some, kids represent the never ending runny nose and the always dirty diaper, but in truth, they represent the future of our lives as humans on this planet. Kids today are being taught to respect the Earth, Wind and Fire they have recently gotten used to.

This how- ever, has not stopped constant trouble and mischief from plaguing their pictures truly cap- nocence, and just youth. In these pho- forever caught in its ing for the true child minds.

The following ture the beauty, in- plain silliness of our tos, the senior class is purest form. We think that these pictures will bring back lots of memories --of childhood and of experiences you have had here at BHS. Congratulations seniors, and good luck in life! Freshman are happy, jolly, and short, kinda like the seven dwarves.

They come to Berkeley High craving knowledge, of which they are so deprived and fill the halls with their jovial laughter. Somehow, all that away when they more slump and homework to do. Juniors are in reality upperclassmen, but due to grave injustices are dubbed underclassmen by them elder ones who call themselves seniors.

Anyway, the underclass are not on the under au contraire mon frere they are on the rise. Incle xc fxx. Eleventh grade is the most dreaded year of high school. There is a lot of pressure to get good grades, to study for the S.

An worm a day keeps the stress away. Recognize any of these words from when you took the S. Did you have absolutely no clue what they meant? Unless you were in the 99th percentile, chances are both of your answers are yes. CD Paid someone like Doogie Howser to take the test for you. When the time came for you to actually take the S. Did you realize at in the morning that maybe paying for an S. During the test is too late to think about these things, but maybe you could have: CD Brought a plant with you so you could have more oxygen to breathe.

CD Did a handstand so the blood could have rushed to your head. Sophomores enter the wonderful worlds of science, social living, and driving; all necessary to survive high school.

After sophomore year, one is decidedly more experienced in the ways of the world. Now that your sophomore year is over you can relax, right? Your junior year is yet to come. Mike D. They can lead you in your greatest hour of distress. In the tenth grade, freedom is a license to drive; having access to a car helps too.

Above all, with a drivers license and a car, you no longer need to ride the bus. However, owning a car present problems too; you have to drive your friends everywhere, deal with expensive tickets, which can later result in traffic school a lovely day spent listening to a non-humorous stand up comic or watching movies of accidents which serve only to scare you.

Parking is major problem particularly at B. Some people stick with the bus and its problems, while others drive to school in comfort and worry about the tickets later! Anyways, it was a complete waste of nine weeks of hellish boredom you : in Drivers Education Remem- ber Red Asphalt? The Drivers Ed notebook? Pink slips? I gotta go and erase the chalk on my tire.

This large space with assorted brick statues is the courtyard. In front of us is the famous C building, and behind us, the Community Theater. What did you say Sir, you wanted to use the restrooms? The walls are filled with graffiti, an overpowering stench fills the rooms, and the door handles are always wet hopefully with water. I suggest using a bush. Follow me as we tour the G and H buildings. Notice the poor lighting, falling asbestos tiles, and lockers the same size as..

During the cold months, the heaters decide to stop working and icicles hang from the roof. On to the athletic facilities. This here is our gym, the Donahue. Perfect for basketball and volleyball, but not for spirit rallies. Oh- you Freshman are too young to remember. Once upon a time spirit rallies were held in the Community Theater. Now, moving on to the football field, with more mud than grass per square foot.

The number of potholes on the track is more than on the streets of Berkeley. On the way back to the courtyard, notice the streams of people hurdling the fences that circle our school. That concludes our tour. Transit line before jogging to school. Joe, in his normal rush before school, fails to notice the caked toothpaste on the edge of his mouth in fifth period, his best friend tips him off. Lunchtime: A bunch of freshman Joe included huddle during lunch dodging incoming eggs, marshmallows, and other flying food substances.

Unfortunately, Joe could not find his class or his teacher. He spends the entire 5th period looking - and eventually winds up at the Good Food Cafe and becomes a permanent student-staff mem- ber.

Joe, a clueless freshman, flunks his first basket. His teacher catches him and hands him a bottle of Windex. How is done, you ask? Through treacherous hours of doing surveys, interviews and going behind the scenes at Berke- ley High, the answer is now clear After all, where would you be without that under- pathetic soul who the test on a curve, ask you, just where without those ing, essay-reading, ries-of-their-youth- they-were-during- people.

Who are they, a minute, my friend, you need extra help, standing and sym- decided to grade hmmm? And, we would you be knowledge-giv- test-giving, sto- sharing, where- the sixties telling you inquire? Have you guessed who it is? We have composed a short spellout for you to tell you who they are. Friendly, helpful, caring-just a few words that come to mind when you think of these people.

Always available for extra help or even a shoulder to cry on. Curiously enough, they never get the recognition they deserve. Ultimately, we hope they live long and prosper, not only in life, but in our minds. Little do we know just how special they are and we hope This section will be able to show all of You just how wonderful they are Hill chants praise to his stuffed idol, Mr.

Agent X works quickly to assemble a kilo-blast bomb to be planted deep in the bowels of Berkeley High. The Berkeley High families. How about the fact that they provide solace for distraught and disenchanted freshmen. They put school in a different perspective. But seriously folks. Students can now walk down the halls with their heads held high knowing that they have not only a counselor and a clerical assistant but one, yes one, vice princiPAL behind them.

And they ARE your pals. Few of you know the logistics of these quote unquote families so we will provide that information for you There are seven families!

The families were developed at the end of last year by princiPAF Jim Henderson in hopes of making the school more unified and personal to the students.

The families are most beneficial to those who find it easy to fall into the cracks of such a large system. We asked for some student input and the general response was good. We could go on but to get a first hand account of what your family can do for you, pay a visit to your friendly counselor located in the first floor of the B-building, the old gym, the second floor of the H-building, or the bungalow behind the G-building.

They thank you for your support. If the red car stops 5 times every 2 hours and the blue car stops only once for 73 minutes, who will get to Idaho faster knowing of course, that Idaho is miles North of the Mexican border? Hubbard Route 66 does not go to Idaho. Hill Route 66 does not go through Idaho! DeLuchi The one on the left. Bremmer Go by bus!

Davis runs an innovative and refreshing classroom. Even though both his parents are teach- ers and it runs in the family, he never imagined going into teaching himself.

In his free time, Davis is a busy guy. He tries to make his classes fun like the way he wanted to be taught. And I like his hair too! Davis was hired to replace Mr. Conning, after he left. When Conning first left, his position was promised to a different Govern- ment teacher, Mr. An overwhelming amount of parents and students requested Davis and the job was given to him instead.

In the beginning of December, Davis was told that his emergency credentials had expired, and Deutsch would take over. An agreement was reached, so that both Davis and Deutsch teach the Govern- ment classes.

I know karate and five other Japanese words! Was it something I said? In a test tube with Dana Carvey. Kavaler Roseanne Barr. On the steps of the Community Theater at high noon! Mash Woody Allen and Mia Farrow- in a bagel shop. Hill Marge Simpson in a hair salon. Bremer My wife — Mr. LeBlanc Jessica Rabbit. In the backseat of a Greyhound bus. Wilkinson Roger Rabbit on Route Gerstein Dom Deluis on a ski lift. Valtz crouches, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting freshman.

What a difference a day makes. Brooks is able to count on one hand how many kids are in his class on Fridays. She grew up in New York where she spent her youth reading, writing music and acting in plays. While at Indiana University she wrote and directed musicals for young children and teenagers.

While receiving her masters, she became a student teacher in Spanish Harlem, and shortly after she came to Berkeley. They make me want to work hard for them. As a first year teacher, she teaches English, African American Lit- erature and is the new advisor to yearbook. She is the kind of teacher a student can relate to on a person to person level. What else can a guy ask for? She is even willing to give her help on stuff outside of yearbook.

Because she is an English teacher and has a background in theatre, she has lots of experience in a wide variety of things. This not only makes her a real help when someone is stuck on an essay, but it leads to very interesting conversation, if you should ever take the time to sit and talk with her. All in all, she has made quite an impression on us, an impression that will last long after we have all gone our seperate ways.

His teaching career started off at a private school in Savannah, Geor- gia. After that he moved to the Bay Area specifi- cally to teach at Berkeley High. Why, you ask? If, on a whim, you decide to give Mr. Valtz a visit at home, you might want to look in the kitchen first. For Mr. Valtz simply loves to cook. If you get a chance, sign up for a class with Mr. Bon appetit! Demi Rhine, in her usual photogenic mood.

Susannah Blumenstock caught making motorboat noises during class. Come to think of it, Vd like to be coming on you too. Bridget struggles with a stuck safety pin while her friend searches furiously for the prize within his bag of chips. Can we have a ride lady?

A rare siting of Vanilla Ice and two fan club members. John Peck spent his summer feeding poor children in Tijuana. Heidi, woman of the Alps. Angelica snuggles up to her pink, fluffy, summer fling. Khia Payne stays warm and snuggly on one of those cold summer days. Rachel performs an ancient form of voodoo to make Moira take off all her clothes. The lucky winners are chosen by a scrutinous, all-star pannel of judges.

Some of the Hollywood greats asked to sit on the panel include: Bill S. Preston Esq. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Clark Kent was unable to make it tonight, but millionare Bruce Wayne has agreed to sit in on the panel for him.

Thoughout the evening, you may notice the black arm bands worn by many of those paticipating in the ceremonies. These bands are worn in memory of the late Superman, whose legendary performances on the silver screen will live on forever in our hearts.

None of these photos have been altered or airbrushed. Now you can see the stars taken off their pedestals. Here we explode the myth that they all possess perfect bodies,flawlessfaces,and closetand closets of de- signer apparel. Aaauji iggh hrruuh!! The latrines have built-in automatic flushers. A defi- nite must see for all nerds.

Girls 3rd Floor G Building Most amenities of a domestic bathroom can usually be found here, along with a mirror and paper towels not pic- tured. The pink walls tell all, along with a full-length mirror and ten stalls. Thumbs up! Otherwise, use this bathroom at your own risk. While this bathroom does have a mirror to its credit, it is definitely the smallest. Its pink toilet not pictured makes it truly unique.

Unfortunately, there was no Club Day this year. In a word, wow! The point is, at Berkeley High its cool to be in clubs. From the Loggers to the Junior Statesmen, members of clubs enjoy themselves and find being in clubs a generally bonding experience. That evening these students, who were accompanied by history teacher Yvonne Gittleson, were initiated into the Close-Up Program. They were each stuck with two roommates from some other part of the country and put in workshops of about twenty kids.

They travelled by bus to see seminars given on such topics as the media and Foreign Policy, to see fa- mous monuments and historic buildings. All the while the Berkeley kids really stood out. They dominated every semi- nar and workshop with ques- tions, challenges, and liberal points of view except for David Sitlani, who made sure it was know that he was a Republi- can.

Despite the cold weather this group had a fabulous time meeting new people, discuss- ing their own ideas, and seeing Washington D. In it helped inform stu- dents about the different is- sues regarding en- vironmental and social justice. The group initially travelled by train to New York for a ten day trip, which included seminars on the train, sleep- ing closely together in tight quarters, telling stories late at night, but particularly, learning about ourselves, our different cultures and back- grounds, and out world.

At the U. When the participants returned, they picked up other interesting people who began to work on community ser- vice projects. The spirit of the Youth Earth Am- bassadors lives on in the indi- viduals and the work of the Community Sendee and Semi- nar class. Train to be a model or just look like one. Striv- ing to educate and enrich our com- munity has been a goal that has been realized by the Af- rican Student Or- ganization for over twenty years.

Dur- ing Back to Black Week, guest speakers were rounded up from all over Berkeley to share poetry, music, powerful speeches, and dancing dem- onstrating cultural diversity and pride. Making the same powerful statement as last year, the once traditional Black History Month Assem- bly did not take place this year to stress the fact that Black History should be cel- ebrated every day, not simply one day. The ASO is also responsible for organizing a sepa- rate graduation for African American Students which celebrates the uniqueness of and pride in their culture.

The club is un- der the advisory of Mr. We would have liked to have known what his take on the African Student Organization is. We are sure it would have been a positive one. This year, the ASU re- dedicated itself to serving the community. It is also a voice for Asian power in Berkeley! Chloe thinks Kenzo is the damn cutest!

Heij wait I HM Hsian. For those of you who do not know what B. Pong is, it is a social, highly competitive ping- pong game with a twist of the tap. Thespon- sors and patron saints of the club are Al Bundy and Norm Petersen.

The play- ers, nearly all seniors, were ex- hausted by the tough second semester B. Pong schedule, but they still managed to wake up for fourth period pottery. Extreme Close-up of B. Pongers in full effect. The club specializes in mountain rides and non- mountain rides. This year, it pioneered a free bicycle repair program for Berkeley High stu- dents.

The Bike Club, also in full effect. At the be- ginning of fall Advisor Thelette Bennett left, which made things a little hectic, but when Antwi Akom replaced her, everything began to fall into place. Under the direction of BerNadette Best, a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, the squad got rave reviews at games. The four cheerleading captains, Michelle Ruffen, Rebecca Meyers, Tenia Howard, and Nakia Hughes worked wonderfully together and helped unify the squad as a unit.

Sure, the Cheer- leaders had a few disagree- ments but in the long run they brought the girls closer as they coped with their prob- lems together. Cheerleaders strut their stuff. But its not. All they indicate is easy classes and easy teachers. CSF is just a big coagu- lation of the stu- dents most ob- sessed with grades, homework, tests, and school. Since its so full of talent, CSF should be able to do lots of good deeds for the school and community, right?

Well, theoretically. But unfortu- nately, a debilitating side ef- fect of belonging to the ranks of the most brilliant is that one is left with almost no spare time, because school is really a job, as CSF members know.

Members are notori- ous for complaining that the club holds too many meet- ings, cutting out of study time even though there are onlyoneortwoayear. Mem- bers get cranky when they have to break up their study marathons. This year, presi- dents Robin Alper and V asey McClory had to resort to threats in order to get people to attend meetings.

It's been a great gear in CSF Did uie have ani meetings? CSF dropouts. To the rest of us, its simply German. The Berkeley High German Club of the traveled to Ger- many to snag remains of the Berlin Wall to sell on T elegraph to raise money for strudel lun- cheons. While in Germany, members felt at home only af- ter changing their names to Hilga, I nga, Lars and Hans, and after spending extended peri- ods of time at wild and wooly biergartens.

Did Jon use Sure today? Potential Germans. GERMAN Don Quixote" La Gente, otherwise known as the Spanish-Speak- ing Club, was founded by group of Spanish pupils, and also includes other conscien- tious students who pay atten- tion to the Daily Bulletin speaking of which, is read in one out of thirty-seven second- period classes and took an in- terest in the club.

It was just started this year, and is off to a rip-roaring start. Activities so far have included field trips to San Francisco, attempts at full- fledged conversations in Espanol, and a few sessions of listening to Spanish music. The club would like to have fun with the Spanish-speaking cul- ture and become involved with the local Latino community.

Its a club for anyone interested in the Spanish culture or lan- guage. Si quieres divertirte conocerios! Mary Patterson and La Gente. Hold up! Wait a minute, til I catch on Plus, who wants a carton of milk-product as their dub mascot? The new and im- proved name is, as the title says, the Interracial Student Union. It was founded by Nikki Marsh and Vasey McClory last year, who saw a need among the many ethnic club for one spe- cifically for people of more than one race.

So what does this club do? Its members engage in profound discus- sions about family situations and some of the other unique issues people have to deal with as multi-racial individuals. For example, members talked about how to deal with people who categorize them as one race or the other, not as mix- tures. At one meeting, they watched a video about people of mixed heritage. This year the club planned on visit- ing a University of California Berke- ley class on mixed races, and getting together with In- terracial-Pride, a multi-racial organization.

Many of the members like being a blend of races because it makes them feel more indi- vidual, and liked the social aspect of the club; getting to know other people who also came from mixed-race house- holds.

Colin, you cheeky monley. OooH, Maaaa Gawwd. Everyone puts in their share of time and energy to help create the sensa- tion of the year, no, not the slim-line, bi-weekly Jacket, but the almost- pages filled with photos, articles, captions, and art that make up the award-winning annual yearbook. Aside from the delight- ful eighth period meetings, this year photographer Liz Budnitz arranged a ski trip to Tahoe. All in all, yearbook is a pretty harrowing experi- ence, but also ends up being a lot of fun.

On be- half of the entire staff: Thank you to all the rude, crude and totally lewd students at BHS who made tedious hours in our little closet, the best of the year. Lindsay is pleased to be around so many men. Under the fearless direction of senioritis-afflicted Editors- in- Chief Dania Bourkoff and Josh Sachs- Weintraub, the Jacket saw the re- turn of color upon their pages and managed to put out some issues.

The News department, headed by Arvin Chan and assisted by Sylvaine Wong, broke the record for articles turned in on the day of publication. The features sec- tion had its first ever male editor.

The photo department, headed by Edi- tor Kristen Loken and Jon Ferrey, continued its tradi- tion of unfocused pictures.

Thanks goes to the business staff for bringing in a few thousand dollars and some disgusting pizza. Xiomara traps the only underclassman she can get her hands on. The group lived with other students in Calkini Cannpeche, Mexico.

They braved the Ancient Mayan Ruins, sun- bathed on the beach and fiested all around the Yucatan, all the while ex- periencing a new culture. Two months later, in June, the Mexican students came to Berkeley, and experi- enced several favorite Bay Area tourist attractions in- cluding the Golden Gate Bridge.

This year, another group will go with Ms Patterson to Mexico in April. The Cooking and Eating Club gathers weekly to feed no pun in- tended upon a potluck con- sisting of a wide variety of dishes prepared by its mem- bers. There are of course stan- dards for acceptable food items. As often as possible, Club activities take place out- side of school as well, the eat- ing part especially.

The club allows things such as pigging out, grazing, devouring, over- eating, undereating leaves more food for other mem- bers , vegetarianism, carnivorism, and once in a while, cannibalism. Most of all, members learn that must be prepared to face new chal- lenges armed with forks, spoons, and knives.

Play- ing Provo and other classy lo- cales on weekends, the squad scored well. No one was hurt in the Golden Gate Tourney, though a dog almost got whacked while using the fields as a restroom. Lena, the best novice, won some rounds. They will tour colleges soon, choosing campuses based on their cro- quet courses. They will hit all the Ivies, and then go to Ox- ford, where they will don the white croquet garb of the na- tives.

The team has high hopes,. Keep your wickets down and keep whacking for the stars. It meets every week on Mondays at lunch in C La Raza Unida, in ad- dition, produced the annual Cinco de Mayo assembly. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of Mexican forces over the invading French army. Many people are con- fused about the meaning of La Raza Unida.

A La Raza indoor picnic. Slashing, tearing, slicing through the brush, bearing only a little cargo of paint- brushes, and a few eggs. In the birdcage. A scrambled place. In other words, a jungle. In the Great American Southwest there are rolling dunes made of solid con- crete.

We're not there yet. The eggs, the birdcage, whis- pering low har- monics that resonate, tremble in the ears of dogs and other lonely domestic types. Our weary traveller stops to carve a smattering of verse into the bank of a hun- dred trees.

We tourists love America the Beautiful. Wist- ful Tailor loves Another Boy. More to that than you know. A fried place. A wet fire. Trav- eller collects his laurels and re- seizes the trail. The scent in the haze, epiphany waiting, the molten fleece hanging on a limb. Thrusting through the crags and hills, stalking the poor prey of the night.

Heeeeeeeeeere child. Traveller responds grate- fully. The eggs start to whistle. A birdcage. An over-easy place. You thought maybe the stuff just fell out of the sky? International Ambas- sadors Club. Abunchofweird people dancing on the court- yard or on the stage, wearing strange clothes. Who has not heard about them? This club came into being about three years ago, following a fight which broke out between a group of Asian and Mexican students.

One of the partici- pants, who was terrified of violence decided to organize a club, where people can learn to tolerate each other and share their cultures. The IAC regularly par- ticipates in school assemblies and hears guest speakers. The club is open to everyone, not only foreign students. Please, come by, check this out, and enjoy yourself.!! The Peer Counseling program enhances the effectiveness of the counseling program by expanding guidance services.

A student may enroll in one peer counseling course in one semester and may earn up to 20 credits toward graduation. The program is unfortunately underused at Berkeley High, however it is definitly a valu- able resource. They emerged four days later, exhausted and changed individuals. Dis- cussions were held in co-ed living groups run by an adult facilitator. Vet- erans found old friends again, usu- ally greeting them with screaming, falling-down-on- the-ground hugs.

The bus was com- fortable and they did not get stranded on the side of the freeway as some members had feared at the beginning. All in all, it was an excellent trip that was both meaningful and fun. Kokak moment, courtesy of Monique and her friend. Hello Pool Club. Oops, wrong Pool Club. Under new president Thomas Ritter, membership flourished to around twenty students. Some members are die-hard pool players and own their own sticks.

Others just show up occasionally to play a little nine ball. And the favorite drink of the Pool club, after they clean up on the tables? Why, 8-ball of course. Rachid pretending to be Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. The Merry Archers of Berkeley High. Archery is fun but ex- tremely difficult to master without the proper guidance, without which it would be very difficult to even hit the target. Luckily, the club was led by Rachid Arnick, who, as Presi- dent, masterminded many of the activities.

There were no fights, no one was sent home early, and no one was put on proba- tion. What is JSA without those ex- citing aspects?

Pure, saintly fun. Fall state was a blast. Everyone who went came back really excited and en- thusiastic about JSA. With new, younger members came some refresh- ingly original ideas. The club got really involved on a re- gional level.

Members learned a lot from one an- other and as well as from students in other chapters. ISA is all about meeting new people and learning about the political decisions that affect our lives. The members would like to say a special thanks to Advisor Brad Fox an all-around great guy , to all the people who helped make the Berkeley chapter the best it could be, and to Akeem, Mario, Josh and James you gave a lot of us something to talk about.

Marlend Keilch is lost in space. Go on, girl!!! It is also a popular Berkeley High club. Scuba Club without their gear.

I don't think so. Brave Berkeley High students with- stood blizzard like conditions, and an almost-broke-down- six-times bus ride to get to the best skiing in the world. With over one thousand other high school students, the members of this dub had an excellent ski adventure.

Pieter and Jessica take a break on the slopes. Simulated skiing at Berkeley High. Nice backpack. Backpackers eating lunch. Watch out during full moons— -you just might bump into members howling with the coyotes or see them strobe dancing on the picnic table. If you love camp songs, hike with Betsy and Lea.

Anne, the mother hiker, loves games with a mosh pot. If hyper is what you crave stick with me Marcia , I al- ways have extra energy. There are also almost-members, like Abi, who come to all the meet- ings, but never go on the trips. This club also has serious hik- ers who j ust want to relax when the day is over. If you need to get outdoors, this is the group. The Wilderness Club's mascot. The Wilderness Club in the wild of Berkeley High. Mountain Man Ketter is the leader of this fear- less club, which consists of hik- ers, bikers, skiiers, packers, rafters, runners, and random nature-lovers in other words The Wilderness club is a bat- talion of R.

Among other things, they survived oral en- counters with banana slugs, but they loved every minute of getting down with their fellow funky environmentalists. She was very happy with her lunch that day- she had a fat, juicy sandwich, a drink, some fruit, and all sorts of goodies.

Suzie was hungry. She had not eaten since breakfast and her stomach was start- ing to growl and feel uncomfort- able. She saw her friends, Bill, Phil, and Jill sitting around her and wondered if they were hungry too. Hey Phil! Hey Jill! I like your pins! Would you like some of my lunch? She took a bite of her sand- wich. Bill, Phil, and Jill explained.

They told Susie that the pins they wore were to let people know that they were fasting for a world har- vest.

Their fast is a symbolic gesture. They were fasting for 24 hours to recognize the fact that all over the world, people go hungry every day and they still go to work and school and function j ust as everyone else OXFAM Oxfam.

An- other count, incitement to riot, is argued in pretrial in- volving the ideas of free speech and clear and present danger. The group is headed by Ms. Gittleson, brilliantly leading it to be strong women and men through a very tough season. We spend long hours analyz- ing the case, practicing an- swering direct and cross-ex- amination questions. Attor- ney Mr. Roth helps us with his experience and knowledge of the law. We all ac- quired a wonderful working knowledge of our judicial sys- tem.

Vietnam" i V. The activities of the club are: tutoring of fellow Viet- namese students in school sub- jects and language, commu- nity service, hearing guest speakers on topics of interest, and cooperating activities with VSAs in other schools. Stayin alive.

VSA looks like fun aye? Hello, Key Club. We re No Angels" Over the years the Key Club has been very success- ful in organizing and execut- ing fun and excitement at every annual Winter Ball as well as raising much needed funds and collecting used toys for needy chil- dren. Okay the truth is that the members of the club do only one widely known event for the entire year, not counting the Chin - chilla racing in Tijuana during spring break but the single task of planning the Winter Ball was excruciatingly press- ing on the schedules of the members of the club.

The Winter Ball presented them with havoc and mayhem. Overall, the Club again this year pulled off the impossible, Berkeley High School together, in one room. This year the Student Senate got off to a slow start. The absence of long-time Stu- dent Activities Director Thelette Benett did not make things move any faster. Since Mr. Akom and Senate formed a good relationship, based on mutual respect for each other, it only took a few months to get affairs together. With the help of Student Sena- tors new and old the organiza- tion started trying to restruc- ture BHS.

The Senators think that they can make some con- crete, positive changes that will affect the way students view BHS as a whole. Student Sen- ate is led by President Ajeenah Ali. The Senate has a great deal of hope for the future of BHS. As for the Student Gov- ernment. Then what? Akom, the overwhelming student response, and the officers themselves. The other officers look up to Seniors for their incredible leadership skills. This year, Mr. Akom took charge the second he arrived in Sep- tember and demanded nothing but sheer excel- lence from his officers — and got it.

The Class Offic- ers came through and staged some excellent school-sponsored events this year. Toxic waste spilling out into the Bay? Nauseous smog ruiningyour wonderful view? Putrid trash piling up on your lawn? Just call this intrepid bunch of eco-warriors and will will attack your problem with a barrage of letters to various congresspersons, freeway-blocking protests, and oil tanker hijackings.

Of course at school we can only carry out far less daring, but no less important, exploits to protect our earth. Along with our critically ac- claimed newsletter and schoolwide recycling pro- gram, we do other roll-up- your-sleeves-and-get-your- hands-dirty work.

The projects include beach clean- ups, trail restorations, tree planting, and whale watch- ing. Our members in- clude Margaret Si dells, whose critical eye can spot the tiniest of defects, Rebecca Sutton, the investi- gative reporter who exposes the worst environmental pol- luters, Sylvaine Wong, our fearless leader who has all the right connections, and Julian Liu, humble yet wise co-founder of the club.

Probe at work. Looks like you caught a mighty big fish. Gimme da ball! Remember the kid yon used to call carrot-top in kin- dergarten? Red hair has been legally declared the coolest thing since sliced bread. Lucille Ball had red hair, so did the Little Mermaid. That red hair is on toilet paper and Under-Roos! So everyone, quick, run out and buy some Henna and muddy up that hair, so you too can join the coolest club in town. Rugby is a cross between football and soccer.

The Rugby Club started in and has evolved into this years team. All you need for rugby is some cleats, shorts, and a whole lot of heart! The orga- nization was designed to in- crease the number ofminor- itv students in the California Univer- sity system and other four years schools.

UCO MESA strives to achieve this goal by helping its stu- dents complete California University and graduation requirements, obtain a desired grade point average, and good Scholastic Aptitude Test and Achieve- ment test scores.

The heart oftheprogram is a daily study hall where students recieve help on homework and other school work from study groups and tutors. The or- ganization places a lot of emphasis on the importance of group work in college and later in life.

Many members attribute their success at Berke- ley High School to this wonderful club. You can see many of them leaving the school as late as after getting or helping tutor fel- low students. This club has allways been a Berkeley High favorite so come and be a part of it. Fight the power. Amoria checks to make sure everyone is writing an article.

S began a club version of N. Today it has more than forty students. In the halls, female stu- dents are con- stantly being harrassed and de- graded because of their sex. The club helps members gain a sense of identity by identifying with the foremothers-the mothers and grandmothers who sacrificed so that our generation of women would be treated with more respect and equality.

Ad- equate birth control and re- productive information is es- sential to the club, as well as counseling for things such as abuse, rape, pregnancy, etc. The main purpose of the club is to educate both members and non-members. Knowl- edge is the most important weapon in the continuing fight for equality. Just as impor- tantly, the club is working to teach others in our school and com- munity to recog- nize and under- stand these issues, and their own role in solving them.

This year, projects in- cluded providing free self- defense classes for students and teachers, and working on a sexual harassment task force to deal with incidents of sexual harassment at BHS.

The indigenous cul- tures are and have always been an important part of America. This club celebrates not only the indigenous cul- tures but also the cultures and peoples that were brought h ere forcefully or immigrated here in hopes of a better life. We have all suffered and fought the racism of this so- ciety.

Our club hopes to unite all peoples in re- membering the struggles of the past and at the same time fighting for a better future. Our activities included the production of an assembly and the creation of a mural that can be seen in the G build- ing.

It was started by senior Jonah Hendrickson last summer, and its inten- tion was to unite students to help register and educate voters and raise money for the Clinton-Gore campaign. When the club began in the summer it con- - sisted of fifteen se- niors; by the time the election rolled around there were well over members. Kids for Clinton also participated in a number of publicity events, including an Al Gore rally, its own rally, a march for children in Oakland, a half- hour documentary for Bay Cable TV.

Kids for Clinton worked with sev- eral other organi- zations, such as the United Democratic Campaign, theU. The students in- volved with Kids for Clinton had a great time together and learned that they really could make a difference! Jonah, what are the bananas for? Kids 4 Clinton after a rally. P DEEP ones. A DEEPster in a celebration dance. Am I sleeping now?

Tomorrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of today? That with Estragon my friend, at this place, until the fall of night, I waited for Godot? But in all that what truth will there be? We have time to grow old. The air is full of our cries. But habit is a great dead - ener. At me too someone is looking, of me too someone is saying, He is aleeping, he knows nothing, let him sleep on. What have 1 said? The D. Panasenko, the original Logger.

Loggers everywhere, unite! Sniffing chemicals apparently causes hair loss. Mostly the club drives to the end of forgotten logging trails, wanders about clearcuts, and third-growth forests, frightening the wild- life and perplexing waitresses at rural truck stops. Once a year, the club camps at an oceanfront state Park in Fort Bragg and dines at a gourmet restaurant. The rest of the year outings consist of sleep- ing in the mud and eating canned stew around smudgy campfires.

Who knows? You tell us, Mr. Playing on a team gives students an opportunity to learn valuable skills such as team work and sports- Sports are a meet new stay physi- students High go on to athletics on level. Playing teaches the determina- m a n s h i p. Many from Berkeley participate in the collegiate on a team discipline and tion necessary to achieve success in the classroom.

There are many teams at Berkeley High, including tennis, field hockey, water polo, basket- ball, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, swimming, crew, cross- country, track and field, golf, volleyball, badminton, and wres- tling. The take-home lesson here is: join a team! It can be a worthwhile growing and bonding experience. Football Entering the school year, the Berkeley High football team had very high hopes for a successful season.

After all, this was a team that had been mostly juniors the season before, and had posted the best mark in years. The majority of that team was returning. The losses of star running back Khalid Shabazz and quarterback Ayuub Rahmann were minimal. They were easily replaced by the very talented Jihad Akbar and Quadry Ali.

During the off-sea- son, our old coaches were replaced with newcomers Jonnie Butler and Leon Worthy, perhaps the finest coaches we would ever have. Then go to step 5. Click OK to close the Internet Options popup. Chrome On the Control button top right of browser , select Settings from dropdown. Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. We found 47 results. Michael A. Hitt : We found 47 results. Filter Sort.

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The Hitz (Capitol, ), Represent (Half Ounce, )—toned down the rhetoric somewhat, despite the continued reliance on cultural shock tactics. Con Funk Shun The band was originally formed in Vallejo, California, in , as Project Soul by two high school friends, lead vocalist/guitarist Mike Cooper and drummer Louis McCall.

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