Gate City Crew - Empire Falls - Rekindling The Fire (CD)

Dangerously Genre Savvy : Gian, at least until Jiazin unexpectedly pulls out the blue fire and incinerates him. And Azula, of course. Of course, as in canon, she may also have traces of Wrong Genre Savvy - whatever variables she'd considered, she certainly didn't take into account being offed by one of her own Undyingly Loyal Chosen. Doorstopper : This one story is about as long as the entire Azula Trilogy, though it is divided into three acts that each have their own climaxes.

Enemy Civil War : Azula's master plan invokes this; she sends identical messages to every high-ranking officer in her army and navy, telling them that they, and they alone, are to rule as regent until her nonexistent heir can be revealed. She knows that this will lead to every one of those officers fighting each other for control, thus plunging the Empire into a war that will destroy the world. Everyone Calls Her Mistress : The Mistress of the Chosen doesn't use her own real name, having completely surrendered her entire identity to Azula.

Evil Counterpart : Meta-example. Shiyan was designed to be, essentially, an evil Suki with elements of Azula mixed in. Doesn't come up in-story, though, since Suki is dead, and likely has been for a while. Generation Xerox : Yuan is very much like his grandfather Zhao, if a bit more unstable. Justified, since Zhao is a legendary "hero" of the Empire is this AU, and all his family have lived in his shadow - Yuan is trying to almost literally out-Zhao Zhao!

Subverted in that she is a major arguably the main character in her own right, rather than just because of her social status. Hoist by His Own Petard : Azula is finally killed not by one of her actual enemies, but by one of her most loyal Chosen, Shiyan.

Hot-Blooded : Chaiy, though when you consider what's been done to her people it's hard to blame her. Humans Are Bastards : At least Azula thinks so; she sees herself as the Only Sane Woman in a world where everyone else refuses to acknowledge that they are evil and would turn on each other in a heartbeat.

Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain : Cheng, in contrast to the more experienced and ruthless Shiyan. Then she kills Shu Bei Fong In the Blood : Averted. Toph's descendants are earthbenders, but aren't anywhere near as powerful as she was. Subverted in that Jiazin, despite being a wealthy and high-ranking noble, uses a straight-edged sword instead. Knight Templar : The Chosen are a particularly disturbing example; they're raised from birth to unquestioningly view Azula as an absolute god who can never be wrong, and fully see themselves as heroes for doing her will.

Scorch - Bandinfo and a couple of demo songs from Brass tacks - Just the facts Looking for a new banner. Bloggers and friendsites. Glorify The Turd. Manslaughter Thug Life. Book, Music Reviews and Music. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Out Of The Darkness. Fuck Yeah!!!!!! The Empire, for its part, was shocked by the lenient terms of surrender given by the Japanese, expecting to be slaughtered or taken into slavery, the concept of basic human rights not existing at their level of society.

It was not until somewhat later that it was discovered the Empire had taken Japanese slaves. While providing relief for an earthquake that hit the Imperial capital, Zorzal Caesar reveals he has a Japanese woman as a sex slave.

This results in a Lt. Itami ordering a particularly bloodthirsty member of his unit, a female soldier named Shino Kuribayashi to beat the locations of the other slaves out of Zorzal. Zorzal orders his guards to kill the JSDF soldiers, but they are easily dispatched with assault rifle and bayonets.

After liberating Zorzal's sex slaves, the JSDF makes a demand for the return of all Japanese citizens enslaved in the empire, as well as delivers a warning: evacuate the Imperial Senate.

Drama queen Dregs of society We aint no feel good band I am rock and roll Live tonight like it was your last Slay the invader Hate yer face You'll never get through to me Choose your side Forever No breaking a sweat pissing you off No compilation of old demosongs or new versions of tired old covers. Finally they delivered a new album. The sound has changed a lot since and many tracks seem to be more leaning to a sound rescembling white trash r'n'r more than punk but the tracks that are good are really good.

They also have a couple of politcally charged songs without any real political target the songs can be deciphered however you want like Choose your side and Slay the invader. All in all it's a really good album even if its a bit uneven going from awefull tracks to superb one's. Empire falls - On the attack Tracklist: On the attack recorded between Russo don't rock Etched in stone Long road The quick and the dead Internet loser Defiant til the end Go kill yourself I knew you'd let me down The gauntlet The elite Can't tell no one Negative Approach cover We are the boys Blitz cover Hang up your boots Slapshot cover The KKK took my baby away Ramones cover Beat on the brat Ramones cover Antisocial Skrewdriver cover Belsen was a gas Sex Pistols cover Die when you die GG Allin cover War is inevitable Time heals nothing Can't tell no one Negative approach cover Warriors Blitz cover Blockade runner Shoot Michael Moore Jack and shit The tables will turn in the end Kudzu alley Clash of the iron clads Silver machine Hawkwind cover Bonus tracks Recorded in late Our blood, our brotherhood Weak resistance Released by Defiant Records in Ok this time it's 37 tracks released as a doubleCD on a single CD.

Lets start with the covers, i think most that follow my site knows what i think about punkbands doing covers of punkbands and HC bands doing HC covers etc.

Basicly i dont see no reason to do a cover of a band unless it's a fresh take on a song or a much better version of the song.

Live is a whole other thing and me myself i love when i go to a show and hear a familuar bassline comming and the band playing pays tribute to some old Cock sparrer song or whatever. But not on records please. The GG Allin songs that are featured here are good songs to start with so why the hell would i want to pay money for this record and hear a watered down version of those legendary songs? Write your own material for fucks sake!

Most other songs on the CD are old one's that are re-recorded and since the original tracks all had high recording quality i don't really see no reason for these tracks to even exist. Write some new material for fucks sake! How about the new one's then? They all sound really good and are a good showcase of their We live to be hated and Infamous albums that would be released the comming years. Best one in the bunch is the hatefull and brutal track called Weak resistance that sounds a lot like the sound Bryan delivered in one of his his other bands Brutal Tactics.

If you are going to buy one off the bands records don't support this shit just cause it has almost 40 tracks. Buy one of their real records instead. Tracklist: One life crew split 7'' from Cop out Some kinda hate Misfits cover Plague of the locust Trapped in Dixie Antiseen cover The gauntlet Total panic 7'' from No class How much more can we take Nightfall Written word B.

Just can't last one more day B. Dawn of a new era Caustic times Just can't last one more day II B. That's alright Making hardcore a threat EP originally recorded in Making hardcore a threat Enemy in our midst Show us some pride Social schism Kicked in the head Warzone cover Pitboss split 7'' from Driver's license to kill Rekindling the fire The lines have been drawn 7'' from In the midst of poison Fall of the empire Rebuilding Stabbed in the back Youth of today cover Released by Diehard Records in Damn 33 songs thats what i call a record.

It's actually one of those collection albums i understand the meaning of since it sums up their early carrer quite good and has some really good info on the band in the sleeves. Most of the songs featured on this album has already been uploaded and reviewed but some songs are new.

For starters i never uploaded the Dawn of a new era since i dont own it myself but its actually the best songs on this collection CD. It features a great cover of Misfits and has Bryan sweatsinging among all these hardcore songs. It also features a great Oi!

It's not so political and more relaxed than most other songs by the band. Among all the collection albums this band has released this is the one with the most solid content and a great way for the vinylhaters to actually collect the bands early discography. Updated my wishlist that can be found in the bottom of the page. I found and bought some really rare one's like Patriots - Hooligans holiday from and that Pattons legion split but also added some new one's like the band Howitzer that is impossible to find anywhere for purchase here in Europe.

If you got it then let me know. I'll trade or buy the records on the list. Empire falls : Battering ram Making HC a threat '98 Show us some pride '98 Enemy in our midst '98 Out for blood Tight rope Jailbait Skrewdriver cover download: ex-load password: 88nsm.

Scorchario Stomp We are the fearmakers Beatdown We kill, you die Medical malpractice Cant tell no one Bite it you scum Right in the eye download: ex-load password: 88nsm. Fall of the empire 2 Etched in stone 2 Daybreak Ashes Static download: ex-load password: 88nsm. Lond Road New Vocals Scapegoat New Vocals Why Has Hardcore Gone Gay? No Compromise Zero Tolerance Last In Line Previously Unreleased Universally Despised Unreleased Mix Vigilante Unreleased Mix Politics Are Dead Unreleased Mix Big Mistake Unreleased Mix Parasites Unreleased Mix Thought Police Unreleased Mix Infamous Unreleased Mix Out For Blood Tight Rope Audience Attacks Dooms Day Sacrifice download: ex-load.

Kudzu Alley Weak Resistance Internet Loser Remix Greensboro, NC download: ex-load. Supremacy Disc 2 - Negi Core League. In The Midst Of Poison Struggle To Overcome Gate City Crew Our Time Growing Dimmer Dead Beat New Vocals Turn The Tide New Vocals Sign Of The Times Demo Backstabbers Til The End Demo

- Empire Falls & Antagonizers - Rock and Roll Served Straight Up! Empire Falls & Better Dead Than Red - Live - Empire Falls & Attack - System of charity - Empire Falls & White Devils - The Time is Now - Empire Falls & Backstab - Empire Falls & Better Dead Than Red - Empire Falls & No Surrender & You Must Murder.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Rekindling The Fire - The Early Years on Discogs.3/5(1).
  2. Mar 23,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Empire Falls - Rekindling The Fire at Discogs. Complete your Empire Falls collection/5(5).
  3. Limited to hand numbered copies. Includes a patch, pin and sticker and booklet artwork for all the releases. Empire Falls "Nothing Short Of Total War" contains: Scorch demo, The Lines Have Been Drawn EP, Rekindling The Fire full length, Join Or Die full length, Making Hardcore A Threat EP, split songs with Pitboss 2k, demo, Dawn Of A New Era/War Is Inevitable, Total Panic/Archives.
  4. Oct 10,  · Track list: 1 My Friend, Regret 2 Fall Of The Empire II 3 Nightfall 4 Realization 5 Gate City Crew 6 Shotgun 7 Turn The Tide 8 Drift To Anger 9 .
  5. Please vote. Add to bookmarks Duration: Size, Mb: Title; Duration; Buy track; 1; My Friend, Regret; /10(K).
  6. Empire falls - Rekindling the fire () Tracklist: My friend, regret Fall of the empire II Nightfall Realization Gate City Crew Shotgun Turn the tide Drift of anger Our time Etched in stone II Growing dimmer Cross me Released by Back Ta Basics in
  7. – Empire Falls: Rekindling The Fire: – Empire Falls: Realization: – Empire Falls: Gate City Crew: – Empire Falls: Our Time: – Empire Falls: Growing Dimmer: – Empire Falls: Dead Beat (New Vocals) – Empire Falls: Turn The Tide (New Vocals) – Empire Falls: Caustic Times: – Empire Falls: That's.
  8. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Pitboss / Empire Falls - One Nation Under Hate at Discogs. Complete your Pitboss / Empire Falls collection.

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