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This video provides tips on work-life balance for those who They wanted, in a sense, to counter the public perception put forth by Ian Fleming with his sensational James Bond enterprise. And it gets at something darker, too, something that corrodes the souls of those working there, the living in secrecy, the lack of trust, the the constant surveillance. So after a pretty slow and relatively light for Greene first half of the book, we do get to intrigue—as it would with Greene—though that intrigue leads to greater isolation and misery for almost all concerned.

If you thought you wanted to be a secret agent, think again, in other words. In this one Castle is married to Sarah, a black South African; the double agent work he does is to he thinks help bring down Apartheid. Maybe given that comparison this is really a three star book, but compared to most books, this is a four star book, and I finally liked it and Castle and his love for Sarah and her son Sam.

It took me about 80 pages to realize I was right to continue to read this. If I wasn't already familiar with Greene, I probably would've put it down at some point before those 80 pages, thinking this book was not my thing. But it deserves patience, as Greene is setting you up necessary for the story and by the time you're set up, you're hooked.

This novel is a mastery of dialogue. I can't remember the last time a book told me so much, and did it so well, with dialogue, not just in advancing the It took me about 80 pages to realize I was right to continue to read this. I can't remember the last time a book told me so much, and did it so well, with dialogue, not just in advancing the plot, but, more importantly, in differentiating and developing each character by what was said.

I also enjoyed the literary references of books the characters were reading, or not reading , even if I haven't read Trollope's The Way We Live Now. The only criticism I have is that Greene employed quite a few clunky similes, though in the long run they are forgivable. The day after I finished this book, I found myself missing Maurice Castle the main character.

View all 16 comments. The Human Factor — by Graham Greene is set in the British secret service, but…this is certainly no James Bond story; there is no glamour to be found here; this is all about a bleak troubled life of keeping secrets, a life of internalised silence and deception.

There is life and love here and as so often with Greene, there is whiskey, Catholicism, death, atheism and Africa — in various measures; but there is also much here about the endless pressure and destruction delivered by a covert existence on an overt life.

There is also much comment here about the concept of what it actually means to be a traitor — to whom, to what? What does it really mean to be loyal to your country? Whilst this may not be classic Greene and is not up there with his meisterwerks Heart of the Matter, Power and the Glory, End of the Affair, Quiet Man et al — nevertheless, The Human Factor is an excellent book, a great but bleak story well told.

It is an intelligent slow burner with the tension mounting throughout — definitely not to be overlooked. View all 3 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I loved reading this - I had the impression that Greene is always about spies, the cold war and agents in foreign lands etc.

Not high drama and deep passion, but the kind of love that exists between a couple who care about their life together. Yes our main character Maurice Castle works for the secret service - he along with his colleague, Davis process information from East and South Africa. Davis is a lonely man, in love with t I loved reading this - I had the impression that Greene is always about spies, the cold war and agents in foreign lands etc.

Davis is a lonely man, in love with their secretary, Cynthia - who is not impressed with his lowly clerk's position. The story involves various high level characters - in Government, who make decisions based on flimsy or in fact zero evidence about the trustworthiness of their lower colleagues - with disastrous results.

The sinister Doctor Percival has access to research work at Porton Down - which pertains to methods of chemical warfare. He suggests to Sir John Hargreaves - C, head of the Foreign Office, that the "leak" could be eliminated with Aflatoxin - a highly toxic substance that will look as if the person has died from liver failure. And so Greene's plot - a story to uncover the double agent working for MI6 reflects on British social history - referring to the Reform Act of - when for the first time Parliament accepted the right of the 'commoner' to have a say in politics.

If I remember - it was individuals with property or business with a value of over 10, pounds - men, not women, who for the first time - represented the people in British Government. Greene uses this piece of history to emphasize that very little has changed - the landed class - the toffs in the House of Lords still hold sway in post WWII UK. Colonel Daintry, however, represents the new order. He is the 'broom', brought in to sniff out the spy. He has no social class but a highly defined sense of moral responsibility.

He feels it is his duty to report back to HQ his meeting with Castle, but does so reluctantly having discovered that Castle is someone he likes and respects. And so the plot thickens - this is no simple spy story, but a deeply reflective work asking us to consider our moral values.

Castle is the traitor, but he is a man who holds our deepest sympathy. The ending I felt did not hold out any hope for the future of the couple, who are now separated.

Castle is in Moscow; and his wife, Sarah in England. The irony here is that she is a refugee from the apartheid regime in South Africa - which is where they first meet. This backstory about Castle and Sarah - is if you like a comparison of the enlightened and liberal UK with South Africa - at the height of its repression of black people in the 60s and 70s.

Sarah is offered freedom via her relationship with Castle - who arranges for her escape to England. He is responsible for her welfare as initially their connection is based on her working for him as a sub-agent. At the end of the current story Sarah cannot leave England to join Castle in Moscow because her child Sam does not have a passport, and she has been warned by the FO, that they will not give her this document.

Possibly one of the best books I have ever read. Apr 13, Marc rated it liked it Shelves: english-literature. I read this a very long time ago, but I still remember I found that - together with The Quiet American - this is one of the best novels Greene ever wrote. What struck me was the balanced and deeply human characterization of the protagonists, as a contrast to the inhumanity of the secret service yes, again this is a spy novel. In addition, Greene offers a beautiful mixture of all kinds of his favorite themes: conscience, guilt, patriotism, loyalty, humanity and, of course, love.

Perhaps because I read this a very long time ago, but I still remember I found that - together with The Quiet American - this is one of the best novels Greene ever wrote. Perhaps because this was one of the last novels he wrote in his seventies , these themes are processed with more subtility than in his earlier work!

Mar 25, Jack rated it it was amazing. Set against the backdrop of Soviet and Cuban penetration of Africa during the s, Greene lays out a tale that spotlights the immorality of U. Greene himself stated that he intended this book to be free of the "conventional violence" found in most espionage fiction, particularly the James Bond series, and he certainly succeeded on that count: There's no stuff here, that's for sure.

In fact, this book is almost entirely devoid of physical action -- unless, that is, you're the kind of person who considers the conflicts that take place within the human mind and the human heart to be special types of physical action.

The Human Factor is not, in my opinion, one of the great Graham Greene novels, but it is a good one, written when he was in his seventies, drawing (like John le Carré) on his experience working for British counter-intelligence, and as with le Carré, part of his explicit attempt to reflect what it was really like to work for the agency/5().

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  2. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Human Factor - Unleashed at Discogs. Complete your Human Factor collection/5(3).
  3. The Human Factor was released the same year the grunge movement gradually spread throughout the public, but this album didn't fail to display its metal excellence. If the album has any drawbacks, it is that founding Metal Church member and lead guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof didn't play on the album/5(42).
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  5. Human Factor biography Born in late , HUMAN FACTOR is an exciting new Russian supergroup formed by talented and experienced musicians. Konstantin Shtirlitz and Alexander Meshcheryakov, respectively former drummer and bassist with mighty INFRONT, have joined forces with keyboardist and guitarists Sergei Volkov, principle composer and arranger for KAFTAN SMEHA, and guitarist Ivan .
  6. Human Factor "Let Nature Take Its Course" by R.A.I.G. Records, released 01 June 1. Longyear 2. A.L.F. 3. 4. Lake of Solitude 5. Touch of Chixculub 6. Alarm # 7. Red Shift 8. Nubo Vetera Promesas Pluvon "Let Nature Take Its Course" is the third studio album from HUMAN FACTOR. If you enjoy colorfully melodic, intense and groovy, instrumental space-progressive rock, don't miss.
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