Intro - Lil Thug - Autotune Concept Spring Break Mixtape (File, MP3)

That's not a bad thing; that's a good thing. Auto-Tune has not only changed the way music is made, it's also shaped the way music is heard. Hildebrand pointed out that we're all pretty much used to hearing our pop music vocals perfectly in tune now, which can make older music—even classic oldies by The Beatles or the Beach Boys—sound somewhat grating.

By changing what we listen for, Auto-Tune really may have ruined music in a certain sense. So by making all singers sound the same, Auto-Tune risks achieving the opposite reaction. We're all pretty much used to hearing our pop music vocals perfectly in tune now, which can make older music—even classic oldies by The Beatles or the Beach Boys—sound somewhat grating. Which is where Future comes in. During a studio session Cher mentioned hearing a telephone vocal effect on TV that she really liked.

He applied the effect to Cher's vocals, and nailed the ethereal tone they were searching for. Then he put it on. Producers and engineers immediately wanted to know how Taylor had done it, but he was evasive.

In an interview with the producer trade publication Sound on Sound , he claimed the effect was a trick he had pulled off with a Vocoder, even though he knew there was only one way to get that specific sound.

But where Mark Taylor left off with Auto-Tune, many other have since stepped in. By the late '90s and early '00s, Auto-Tune had become prevalent in most recording studios, but engineers were mostly using it for its intended purpose of subtly correcting a vocal performance.

The J. Lo effect was just what he needed, although he had no idea what it was. He says he spent around two years combing through CDs loaded with bootleg software and trying different plug-ins searching for the right effect. When he finally did figure out the zero setting, T-Pain was ecstatic, running through the house in excitement. Like Taylor, he also kept his technique a secret.

Both landed in Billboard's Top 10, the latter in particular becoming a viral success that marked T-Pain as a stylistic innovator. With his omnipresent No. Although Redd wasn't a very strong singer, he was not afraid to write for the different artists he worked with.

Great idea! TGK Not shure if I understand all what you've written. I've checkmarked a few others too which will be asked by clicking "Expand Search" - when the first run gives no sufficient results. I don't use discogs and have not tested it yet. In the AAD forum is a fixed version: click. I'd suggest you start from the beginning of the tut and follow exactly the single steps. I wrote this tut about one year ago.

This setup works for me since then and I never had to change anything, so today I'm no longer into the matter and not shure what the placeholders mean and how they have to be used exactly. This is a bit complex. You can have more when you set up more tools in the way the tut subscribes. Try to put one there or copy and paste the complete line. The name of the "Action Group" is up to you, name it as you like it. The format string for the action is fine. Not shure if I got your last statement right.

No need to set a path in the options of AAD - as I said above. You may move the images later in another folder or, when they have been stored in the mp3s, you may delete them. You can always extract the images out of the mp3s later, if you need them. My first impression after reading your post was that it seems to me that you've mixed things up. The "Tools" you set up by the tut are starting the AAD and doing the search.

The "Actions" grab the images which have been saved and store them into the mp3s. There are several data fields defined and one data field is for an image like a cover. So you have the file name of the mp3 and inside the mp3 some more information which of course can be completely different. I'd suggest again you start from scratch and repeat exactly all the steps of the tut.

It will work! And RTFM, by the way. Butterfing4r 8th Jul Tags : Dubstep 7. Description : skrillex type kind of drop and another artist type of synth for the intro. Tags : Pop 7. OlB 19th Jun Tags : Hip Hop 9. Description : 99 BPM Fight fire but not with fire.

P to George Floyd and many, many more. BLM If anyone feels like rapping on this beat, contact me. Be nice, don't use the track without permission or tagging me. Tags : Jazz 2. Butterfing4r 17th Jun Janusz 16th Jun Tags : Cinematic K1Clean 14th Jun Tags : Rap Lyrics by: K-Rich aka k1clean.

Beat by: Revolving Effex, Ty. CinCoCent 6th Jun Tags : EDM 5. Some spoken word intro lol Enjoy. Tags : Dubstep 1. This one is for free. You can use it for your remix! Have fun! CinCoCent 3rd Jun Juliooliveira 31st May Tags : Trance Neomorpheus 30th May Tags : Rock 6. EDIT: Slight intro and arrangement change. Latest Free Software. Hip Hop. Old School. Deep House. Future Bass. However, is using this tool a crime? Likewise, Auto-Tune is an optional effect, optimized to make artists sound better.

Who can be mad at that? Aside from tidying up vocals, Auto-Tune also saves much time in the production process. Grammy Award winning producer Craig Street believes that Auto-Tune is a great instrumental for busy producers like himself. The producer and I would have a copy of the lyrics and after the singer left, our fun began.

We would go through the song, meticulously listening to each track. Technology such as Auto-Tune has not only changed the sound of mainstream radio, but has also sped up the behind-the-scenes work for sound engineers, making their job simpler. Engineers are some of the hardest working people in the music industry, and any tool that can accelerate their process should be appreciated.

Rap music is constantly changing and will continue to do so for decades.

Download autotune 3 full version zip for free. Multimedia tools downloads - Antares Auto-Tune 3 DirectX by Antares Audio Technologies, Inc. and many more programs are .

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  1. Stream The Masters Of Auto Tune Mixtape by T - Pain, Lil Wayne, Soltistic, Future, Young Thug Hosted by StateIIState Want to be on our next Mixtape? email [email protected] for all details. Follow Model @CorvetteLittle On twitter%(2).
  2. Jan 19,  · How To Mix Auto Tune "Post Malone / Lil Uzi Vert / Lil Yachty" RAP Type Vocals On Pro Tools 2 Track How To Record Through AutoTune - (Drake / Young Thug Style Vocal Effect) - .
  3. Apr 25,  · In , Future released his official debut, Pluto, a breakout moment that found him twisting Auto-Tune into love songs and pained pop, while artists like Chief Keef, Young Thug.
  4. Jan 14,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - How To Mix ~ Future // Young Thug Auto Tune WITH EASY EFFECTS ~ Type Rap Vocals On Pro Tools YouTube Young Thug Engineer Alex Tumay on Recording | Red Bull Music Academy.
  5. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Meek Mill They have all used auto-tune in their songs, Auto-Tune seems to get a little fashion in rap music. I think it sucks, but what do you think about it?
  6. Explore releases from Autotune at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Autotune at the Discogs Marketplace.
  7. Description: Metal, Dark Synth, Mid Tempo, Expermental type. how im thinking of the song is the metal part of the intro is some CP Character going through Cyberpsychosis the metal rep. the madness going on in the real world slowly going mad and the arp lead and pad that start showing up is showing the interworkings ong the Characters mind as they are going through Cyberpsychosis as the build.
  8. If you make Mixtapes professionally (or want to sound like a pro) then you need the Mixaloop Mixtape Toolkit! This collection includes over samples, hand picked to add spice, grime and that urban flava to your Mixtape creations.
  9. Description: Got inspired with the intro of Tame Impala's - "Patience". With bite of reverb. There is no autotune. BPM is KEY C#. Please mention me in your track (feat Ksufus) and share the link in the comments. Do NOT release this vocal before negotiation.

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