Its Not Easy - Anthony Phillips - Invisible Men (CD, Album)

You are able to expand your light through opening your heart and quieting your mind to connect with these aspects of your light self in order to serve humanity. You are here to serve in this critical time of merging timelines in order to choose the light. This will bring Gaia, mother earth, and humanity into a higher vibrational paradigm of love, peace, co-creation, and connection. You do this by expanding your consciousness, tuning into your ascension column of light I talk about, tuning into your light body, expanding, relaxing, and making the connection.

Even if you're just starting to wake up, even if the thought of having a higher self seems a little far-fetched to you, you can still act as an earth Angel.

You do this by serving others, loving others, and by showing up with love and compassion. This is being an earth Angel. It is multifaceted.

It's stepping into your full light and gift and sharing these forth as a way-shower who is actively supporting humanity and the earth through your unique psychic abilities, skills and spiritual gifts. An earth Angel on the opposite end of the spectrum is simply a person who shows up in the present moment with love, with the willingness to serve others and the earth, to be a friend and a shining light in the world, and to commit to reawakening your inner divine light.

How may I more fully step into my light? How may I more fully and vibrantly shine? Guide me. We know that you will be a great success as you move onto the next chapter of your life. Remember to pay it forward, say your prayers and call your mother every week. May God bless you and keep you happy, healthy, and safe! Love, Dad, Mom, Jack and Maggie. Hey Nic, So proud of the person you have become. Thanks for always making me look bad. You are the best! Love, Your brother, Jack.

Our dearest Jessie, You are the sunshine in our lives. From the moment you were hom, you have been sunny and bright, funny and musical, loving and caring. You are strong and resilient and there is no doubt your dreams will be achieved.

Go for it, Jessie Bear! With all our love always, Mom, Dad and Danielle. Dear Nicky, You did it! We are so "proud of our boy". You have grown to be such a wonderful young man full of love and kindness. You let nothing stop you, and that shows through the confidence and sincere passion that you display in sports, performing arts, and everyday life-which are just a couple of your God-given gifts. Share these gifts and more with the world as you move forward to live the life you dreamed.

Only you can make your dreams come true , so be your own hero and make it happen. Don't forget to thank God and ask for His guidance. We will always be your 1 fans, cheering you on every step of the way. I know every mile will be worth my while. When I go the distance I'll be right where I belong.

Jenna Hoffman wish you strength to face challenges with confidence Remember how much you are loved Zara, Dance like no one is watching, Love like you've never been hurt, Work like you don't need the money. UUl we lmor. Zara Reres: Dear Zara, So proud of you. You are a beautiful young lady. The future is yours now go get it. Love, Aunt Rena Congratulations, Zara! I am very proud of you graduating from NDHS and I know that you will have continued success in college and which ever career path you choose.

Lots of Love, Aunt Denise class of 92' Zara, You could be whatever you want to be in life with education and dedication. Love Aunt Diane Zara, To our dear granddaughter may you keep god in your heart, wisdom in your choices, and be happy with what life offers you.

Olivia, We are indeed so proud of you and all your accomplishments! You have come so far to get to the very place you are right now.

There are so many special and wonderful things in store for your future. Sometimes, just your sweet presence and smile alone seem to bless the world! Congratulations to our little "Liv", who's grown up so beautifully! God will not ask, 'How many good things have you done in your life? Congratulations, Gabrielle! From the moment you were born, you have been our sunshine that has filled our lives with pride, joy, and extreme happiness.

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Shoot for the moon! Love always, Mom, Dad, Jared and Paul. Jessica Valenza It was only yesterday when you were learning to become who you are; a beautiful loving soul who will fulfill her destiny with God's love and the talents he has bestowed on you.. May your life soar, may you know no boundaries, and may you touch the hearts of many. We are so proud of all your accomplishments and wish you much happiness and success in all your future endeavors. Dear Jasmine, Congratulations on your graduation from Notre Dame!

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Explore, Dream, Discover. On a low rumble noise base? Luckily in the other three pieces he is more on par with his usual ambient atmospherics of electronics, guitars and effects. Under The Snow, a duo of guitar and computers, of Stefano Gentile and Gianluca Favaron, have one piece that lasts twenty-seven minutes, even when they move through stages inside the piece.

More nicely processed guitars, which seem to have disappeared in the battle of zeroes and ones inside the computer. Nice enough I guess. More Maurizio Bianchi, who gets here credit for 'elegiac electronics and mournful waves' who teams up with Jan-M Iversen 'sound behavior and bewailed electronics'.

The title may not imply many good things I think. Well, maybe it does. Is it a requiem for themselves or someone else? Hard to say. Its a thirty seven minute work of mournful tunes indeed.

The end here is like the beginning. Thirty seven minutes pure ambient bliss with a touch of experimentalism. One of the best works from either of them in recent years. Gianluca Becuzzi was formerly known as Kinetix, firmly rooted in the world of laptop music. That didn't change, I guess, when choosing his real name to work under. The works on this double CD is 'a collection of tracks created in order to non-compositional works: sound and video installations, theatre, performances, live set'.

It starts with a theatre piece of real time treated trumpet sounds and deals with 'The Pit And The Pendulum' by Edgar Allen Poe great story , but is unfortunately a bit of chaotic, messy piece.

Short and therefore alright - one shouldn't stretch this sort of thing. The second CD contains one piece, which is an improvised electro-acoustic set, with fixed set of field recordings and real time sound processing.

Both treated and untreated they are layered on top of each other and is perhaps closest to his older work as Kinetix. A firm piece of laptop music, with all the usual suspects hanging around: crackles, sine waves, deep bass sounds and such like. As a release by itself it would perhaps not stand out, but as part of the bigger package here: sure, why not?

Did I ever hear of Sostrah Tinnitus or Opium? Maybe I did. Opium have had releases on Databloem before. Although the cover is quite sparse, I believe this is a work of a collaborative nature. Four pieces that span about fifty minutes. What can say about this, other then utter the mantra: ambient! Lots of highly processed sounds - of whatever origin - that are moulded together in just exactly what one expects: deep ambient music.

I must admit I thought it was not bad, but perhaps all a bit too easy. Or maybe I am tired? Maybe its hard to see the drops in the mighty sea we call ambient music. Maybe I am loosing it? I do believe this is fine album, but I sense its also quickly made. Mathes created five works using 'metal doors resonance, cymbals, banjo, broken lute with worn out violin bow, sea shells, various percussions, found objects, combined with field recordings', which is certainly a longer list than I would have made up if I had to invent what I had been hearing.

Field recordings for sure, water sounds mainly, but my best guess would have been a bunch of synthesizers, sound effects and percussion. Mathes has a background in the more academic parts of electronic music, which is something I think is shown in his music.

The way sounds are treated is one that gives it away, but unlike his academic peers, Mathes uses the long stretched out sounds to space out his sounds rather than make those quick glissandi that his peers would make. It makes his work a bit of an odd-ball in the world of academic composed electronic, but it fits well with the underground drones usually inhabited by Vital Weekly.

A fine work that differs only marginally from the same underground, but certainly has a lot of beauty and infinite depth. All of this and more was recorded when he lived in Eureka, California.

The cover lists a bunch of other people, but nothing towards instruments used. Basses Frequences hints at references as Nurse With Wound and irr. There is a lot of bowing going on here. On guitars, sheets of metal, violin and perhaps elements of percussion. One hundred and fifty minutes of stretched out, vaguely ritualistic playing. The opening piece, 'Pearls' sets the tone: ringing, even towards feedback of a tibetan bowl or two, microphones wide open, sighing.

The pieces are long, although twenty in total, but each seem to have the ritualistic kind of playing of a few instruments, looping around in effects, a bit of tape-treatments and a bit of field recordings or perhaps a case of recording outdoors. Throughout it was alright, but not great. It deemed me all a bit long for what it had to offer - inside individual tracks and as a double CD by itself.

But Hoor-Paar-Kraat show themselves skilled students of Nurse and ext. Maybe all a bit cliched in the surreal world, where all things surreal are apparently more alike than highly individual. What a platform to grab against sexual inequality and sexual exploitation in their own damned country but some if their lyrics made me fucking sick.

Have some respect. The hypocrisy. I say get SHINee here. There are othe groups and solo artists who would do well here. And everyone who dies a crossover? The first hit has to be in English. Maybe one song in native language at first. We have awesome bands from all over the world speaking tons of different languages.

They all made their albums in Enflish and now sell out their tours here…and never whine about it, because English is spoken all over, like it or not, and you reach the most potential fans.

Get over it. When will move past this shit. No one has a right to call Americans names because seems they treat their beloved kpop boys very well and pay big money to see them. Theyvwelcome them. Their nutty fans like anywhere. Shove your bigotry. And if you actually did look up all their lyrics their earlier songs made reference to homosexualism and whatnot.

The fact that you write a full page of bullshit does not mean u spitting facts. Thanks for reading. They are not champions for gay rights, if anything they have backtracked. So do yourself a favor and just go outside, for once, it might do you some good! You need to shut the heck up. No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion either. No one wants to here your dumb ass opinion.

Listen man. Non kpop is garbage…but should not be nuked. Should be saved for bedtime music for the retarded. And you are just garbage that needs be thrown with the rest of my shot. First of all, that is disrespectful. Leave Buckleys girlfriend alone. She just crossed over to kpop…hence this ridiculous article. The guy who wrote this article fails to do any contextual heavy-lifting. He is actually comparing a nascent band and the genre they are associated with with very established artists, failing to account for their incredible growth in less than a year.

They are the best-selling artist worldwide, period, and one of the Top 3 selling pop artists in the USA in pure sales. That alone is astounding. People buy their albums, not singles. They are in the Top 3 most streamed bands on Spotify worldwide consistently.

You can talk about worldwide all you want but none of it matters when he was talking about the US and the numbers in the US. I wish success to BTS and to other artists in the kpop genre, their fans will probbaly settle down with the crazy when they get older.

Well put and Amen. People across the world were blown away. Sorry not this time. Too manufactured…. And many fans over are 25, making all these stereotypes quite trite. Back in during my hs years, I tried to introduce my friends to Super Junior since this group was really popular during and I was using MTV channel to showcase yes kpop was on demand program since then , my friends did liked it and talked about it for several months like about the lyrics, dance moves, and how cute the guys in the group are but 9 years later no one even care anymore.

My friends who used to love kpop back then only listening to either US top-hits or 80ss songs nowadays. Same thing could be apply here with BTS, things might look very promising due to the internet and social media but nothing lasted forever especially for a foreign genre in America music industry. And 2, Eminem is breaking those records as we speak. And this is the internet. It could be because of her possibly 1.

So your grammar online defines your maturity? I have been listening to kpop since and virtually nobody knew about kpop nor did they even know much about Korea, they only heard of japanese and china and vietnam atleast people i knew did and even people i talked to online had no clue what kpop was.

Now my son is coming home saying girls are writing BTS name in the hallways of his school and on the desks and on the windows you know how windows get foggy and you can draw things?

It actually amazes me how much its popularity has grown, and for a fully non english speaking genre of music its pretty fucking amazing. Quite a few popular artists regular go platinum. Many of them regularly go platinum several times over. Making a living off of music at all is very difficult. Compair them to other asian idols and you have your answer, its getting more and more popular and the fact that it even scratched the surface is amazing.

You dont even know. Kpop fans dont expect their idols to be justin bieber status we just expect them to be healthy and the fact that bts made it this far to us is amazing in itself. BTS are amazing and hard working people. Very few artists ever do. Someone doing it in a foreign language, and 1 twice in a year has never been done before.

Simple facts. Jesus christ this is as long as the article itself. You know nobody is going to change there opinion on something just based on a comment. But we had an Asian top the Hot Kyu Sakamoto was 1 for three weeks. In A far more racist time in the United States. Also, Asian countries tend to be some of the most racially intolerent countries out there.

The US and Canada are some of the most tolerant. Sorry for your luck. Bts rocks you have all the makings of doing your dissertation with ease should that time arrive. To put in this much time to rebut a puff piece I salute you and wish you well in your matriculation.

Thank you! Streaming makes no sense to me. Its so stupid. Bts are just laying the group work like other groups who debuted around the time they did. They are like stage moms lol. Crunch numbers again pls. Honestly, this article is kind of condescending. They are surprisingly great live performers. They also seem to have writing credits, which these fans seem to like. And they have definitely captured youth, they are just the next boyband.

Like One Direction. They even names themselves bts rocks. You have these kind of fans with every celebrity. They are also performing in the O2 Arena. Or are they? That was uncalled for. Would he have said this if a new british boyband arrived to screaming fans at LAX? BTS are just the new boyband in town. Also, play them on the radio. That was something else about this article that rubbed me the wrong way. Why should I learn Korean? I liked Despacito, until it got overplayed that is.

Are we going to pretend songs like Gucci Gang are lyrical masterpieces? I think Gucci Gang is a bad song and I actually like some kpop myself, but more than likely Gucci Gang is more popular overall. We definitely can see outside our fandom. Or do you mean genre? We dont need to look outside of it. They are the first to get that far.

I am in america, but I can assure you I have had alot of racist comments when people have found out what music I like, seemingly good people have a dark inside. Andy, Thank you for being a voice of reason in this mess. The assumptions people are making about them all being kids are just that… assumptions.

Many stans are adults and accomplished adults at that. Many are doctors, counselors, have their graduate degrees, families and none of that should be negated because of the music they decide to listen to.

So, for the comment about it not having a soul, the author could not have looked up any of the lyrics. Additionally, the article seemed like it was just to shoot down something popular. This article was written by THAT guy. BTS are hard working, humble and all around good guys. Makes me sad for him…. No one should have to live with such intense negativity toward something… But, here he is. I see some of the weird nerds are already defending their favorite group in the comments like its their fucking child.

Its common sense. A fan would just let hate be? Like, have you ever liked or loved anything in your life???? Wait who is this guy? Keep leeching you need it. So people who like non western music are weird nerds? K-pop borrows heavily from the states. Thats just BTS though. Check some other entertainment companies and then come back when you understand. I know these type of comments when i see them.

Kpop is most creative???? Great article and I hope you keep both your insight and wit going for years to come. Keep up the good work! So glad im not an angry little person like you and I can freely think for myself and enjoy whatever types of music I want.

Such as Kpop. I am also from Virginia, guess im from the more open minded side. Leaanna I have seen you post under almost all the posts that say anything slightly not in favor of Kpop. Are you alright?

Do you need some professional help? Take a deep breath and just walk out your front door and expose your body to some sunlight, vitamin D does wonders for the mind.

Please, just get some help. You need to know people and their backgrounds before you judge them. Kpop is taking over little by little. In the next 10 years who knows what would happen? BTS has achieved many things, yes! Do not belittle. They have very sad backgrounds and they worked hard in the music industry to get to this position. They help our youths especially people with trauma, suicidal thoughts and self harm and so much more.

Love this……. Fuck the recording industry, Billboard, and all trash out there. It would seem to be someone who writes, produces and performs original works, which is what BTS does. Yes to this! Hopefully true artistry will shine through someday. Until then we shall continue to be force fed this drivel garbage. Two more points: 1. To the person who was being oh-so high and mighty, trying to dismiss Buckley by taunting the US: Do some research before you look ridiculous.

Buckley is Canadian. In my opinion, that fan is not Buckley. She is simply a child that has let a band become her whole identity. It happens in multiple genres with multiple bands. Any sane person knows Kpop is not mainstream, those are simply headlines people love to use. You are a idiot if you believe it is or You believe people were actually being seriously when they say Kpop is taking over the world, even to the point where you made the effort to write a entire article about it.

That said, the tone of this article is unnecessarily condescending and bitter. I mean what did you expect? They like exaggerating. Fans see it differently and Journalist wants them clicks and as usual they exaggerate. And that comparison with Beatles was just… wrong on so many levels. Not Today. Admit it, this is the Rise of Bangtan. The reason there was so much hype is because they deserve it. So before you start an Attack on Bangtan, think about it. Here Arek Gulbenkoglu plays snare drum and Gorfinkel vibraphone.

Both are active in the improvised music of Australia. They recorded this work in a concert situation, but without being able to see each other. I am not sure how they play their instruments, but I am pretty sure it involves some kind of mechanical devices. There is something distinctly electrical about this release unless its the buzzing of speakers , which makes that this doesn't sound at all like a vibraphone or a snare drum, especially not as the piece progresses.

At the start we may think they do so, but in a nervous, hectic way of playing, but slowly buzzing and sawing comes in and towards the end objects rubbing the surface take over. Quite a vibrant recording at work here, with a direct in your face recording and with a total length of twenty-one minutes an excellent work of improvisation. The first being the foreword to Winnetou III and the second just says 'letters'. We also find "Frank Rothkamm is a composer and conceptual artist who lives and works in View Park", which is perhaps true.

At least: its something I can acknowledge. Rothkamm composes music and packs it as a conceptual artwork. No electronics at work, no processing, no plug ins. Just two hands and one piano. Five pieces, each spanning somewhere between eleven and seventeen minutes. Its not 'easy' listening music, nor a take on Erik Satie. But just what it is? That's a difficult question as my knowledge of modern classical music is very, very limited.

That makes this CD not easy to digest. I am reminded of his one of his earlier releases, 'Opus Spongebobicum' see Vital Weekly , but now with five in stead of forty pieces. I can just as easily repeat what I wrote back then: "It's not the piano playing of say Satie or Debussy - that much I know - but more like 19th century piece of classical music with some 'strange' elements thrown in that make this is quite a strange piece too.

Even when the overall concept left me with questions, the work as such was nice to hear. That's about all I can say about it. Robert writes: "Dennis' input is mostly screaming and shouting, tapping and banging things and finding interesting samples.

Shaun Robert does everything else - collating, putting together". That may suggest that we are dealing with some product of the industry of noise - type: heavyweight - but that isn't the case. The keyword in Robert's words is 'sampling'. Whatever screaming, shouting, tapping and banging may mean in another context, in this context they are sampled to create vaguely rhythmic music of a more crude nature.

Everything is filtered through some synthesizers or computer plug ins, which add that needed glitchy character. Compared with their three previous releases see Vital Weekly , but some where much older , the plunderphonic aspect is largely gone.

Everything seems to be 'self-made' as opposed to 'plundered from other sources', which in my book is always good. Overall Mutant Beatniks have progressed quite a lot. Not every track here is great, but throughout this was thumbs up all around. Their releases focus on the use of field recordings made in Indonesia.

So he has a released an MP3 on Ruidemos and an one side LP for his own label, actually the start of the label. Like on the previous releases, Blindhead uses extensively field recordings, but, and this might be a new feature on the Mystery Sea label, these seem not derived from anything close to the sea.

Crackles of wood, human activity recorded over a great distance it seems, allowing lots of hum as an extra musical source. It continues where the LP left. Lots of acoustic 'rumble', contact microphone stuff and such like, but its all sounding quite mysterious I see here more mystery than sea.

This is due to the fact that the pieces are heavily layered and filtered. Distant rhythms are present in the final piece, but they are a rarity. Throughout an excellent work of field recordings, microsound and ambient, touching at one hand on all the familiar grounds, but Blindhead has enough of its own to make things thoroughly interesting.

An excellent release. On this release, they each have a solo track and a collaborative piece in the middle. Terminus makes one more effort to harpoon him, but his leg is caught in the rope and he is sent catapulting through the ceiling and screams as he goes through it, ending up dangling upside down near a utility pole.

In a last-ditch effort, he tries to offer buying Elliott's "spare parts"; Elliott declines and proceeds to destroy Dr. Terminus' traveling wagon, ending his scamming business. Elliott then saves the Mayor, Miss Taylor, and the members of the Town Board from a falling utility pole, revealing himself to them. Back at the lighthouse, the lamp has been extinguished by a storm-driven rogue wave. Elliott returns and lights it with his own fire. As he does, Nora sees that he is real.

The light is ignited and the ship is saved. The next morning, the Mayor and the townsfolk praise Elliott for his help, and Nora is reunited with Paul, who was the sole survivor of a shipwreck at Cape Hatteras and suffered amnesia. Now that Pete has a loving family, Elliott tells him he must move on to help another kid in trouble, and is sad that they must part.

Pete comforts Elliott by telling him if that anyone can help that kid, he can. He then happily flies away as Pete and his new family wave good-bye to him. Pete happily reminding him once again he is supposed to be invisible. Robert Easton plays a store proprietor, and Roger Price is seen as a man with a visor.

Robert Foulk plays an old sea captain. Ben Wrigley is the egg vendor that Elliott accidentally knocks into the Mayor and Joe Ross plays the cement man whose cement was stepped in by Elliott. Forever After " that was written by Seton I. Field, in which Miller was hired to write the script. By the following spring, veteran screenwriter Noel Langley had completed his draft of the script. However, Disney was still unsure of how to approach the project, and the project was placed in turnaround.

In , writers Bill Raynor and Myles Wilder were hired to write the script, and completed their outline in October. They submitted their outline to the studio for review, but the project continued to languish in development. In earlier drafts, Elliott was mostly invisible aside from one animated sequence, in which Dr.

Terminus would chop up the dragon for his get-rich scheme. However, veteran Disney artist Ken Anderson felt the audience would "lose patience" with the idea and lobbied for Elliott to be seen more in his visible form during the film.

It was lacking. It's a visual medium, and you're making a film for kids. In October , the songwriting duo of Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn were assigned to compose the musical score. It was equipped with such a large beacon that Disney had to get special permission from the Coast Guard to operate it, since doing so during filming would have confused passing ships.

Rock; Lonesome River - Various - Blue Ribbon Bluegrass (CD) Dunajska Kapelye - Echoes Of Home (CD, Album) Estar Loco Es Poco - Alvaro Scaramelli - Mi Tiempo Interior (Vinyl, LP, Album).

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  2. Die Babyblauen Seiten sind die deutschsprachige Progressive Rock Enzyklopädie der Mailingliste progrock-dt: tausende Rezensionen von Prog-Platten, alt wie neu, und viele weitere Infos rund um Progressive Rock.
  3. FRANCISCO MEIRINO & DAVE PHILLIPS - WE ARE NONE OF US (CD by Misanthropic Agenda/Domizil) * but 'Travels Into Several Remote Nations Of The Mind' is his first proper album. A concept album, so we are told by the label: 'a travel into the human mind, a travel into the subconscious'. That makes this CD not easy to digest. I am reminded of.
  4. China - De Berinis - Sloophamer (CD, Album) Pissbomb - Repuked - Repukalypse Now! (Cassette) Its Over - Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Head On (Vinyl, LP, Album) Judgment Day - Redbone - Come And Get Your Redbone The Best Of Redbone (Vinyl, LP) Mr Wilson - Oli Brown - Songs From The Road (CD) Intro-Suspect - Thee Suspect - Grand Duke (CD, Album).
  5. Pete's Dragon is a American live-action/animated musical fantasy comedy film directed by Don Chaffey, produced by Jerome Courtland and Ron Miller, and written by Malcolm is based on the unpublished short story "Pete's Dragon and the USA (Forever After)" by Seton I. Miller and S.S. Field. The film stars Sean Marshall, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Directed by: Don Chaffey.
  6. Not sure if you know this But when we first met I got so nervous I couldn't speak In that very moment I found the one and My life had found its missing piece. So as long as I live I'll love you Will have and hold you You look so beautiful in white And from now to my very last breath This day I'll cherish You look so beautiful in white Tonight.
  7. Ramón Emeterio Betances. As was the case with Héctor Lavoe below this article was taken to Good Article status as a result of the work of some members of WikiProject Puerto Rico, most notably article then underwent a Peer review that only received an automated review, after discussing the situation with Mtmelendez who was the original nominator we agreed that .
  8. Aug 16,  · The 2 thing is killing my fantasy,is how much discrepensy is in the storye,how Michael all now i didnt even think about the ambulance picture,that the girls was talking about lost nightNow add 1 more question with this picture,wich is not why i was thinking about the teory,that he may not if i think.

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