Nuttin But Bass - Techno X-Es + The Bass Posse* - Bass The Nation Volume II (Cassette, Album)

Full Stop - House of Sound Structure - Reality 7. Marusha - Cardinal Points of Life 9. Cenith X - Feel Legend B. Remix Sensitive - To The House Paranoia X - Party Program Alpha Bit - Balera 3. Station 27 - Deutsch Bass Loudness Mix 4. Jens Lissat - The Future 5. Axel Stephenson - Varcaz In Trance 6. Leviathan - Go Back Wild Mix 8. Transient State - Fly To Wonderland 9. Xavi Escolano - Heaven Water Pistol - Squirt Dune - Just Another Dream Genlog - Airwalk Microwave Prince Remix Axis - So In Love Extended 12" Mix Raver's Nature - No More Mindgames Shorty Bone - Dream Phase Retroflex - Living In The Darkness Toni Salmonelli - Hey!

Buzzy's Raggamix Armin van Buuren feat. Maor Levi - Lital 3. Peter Cowan feat. Nathan C. Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find Andy Moor Mix 5. Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up 6. Goldenscan - Halcyon 8. Electric Pulse - White Noise 9. Tatana feat. Solar Factor - Urban Shakedown Nic Chagall pres. Encee - Sansibar DJ Tomcraft - Unicum Headcase - Critical Rhythm Suspicious - Lovewaves High BPM - Desire Komakino - Outface Full Size Vision One - Excell Extended Version Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix Trancegression Version Cocooma - Flying Saucer Janitor - Energy Cyrus - Lifestyle Megara vs.

Guitar Rob - Our Nightmare 1. Marc Smith - Techno Dup 2. Genlog - Revolution 3. Xavi Escolano - D. Cherrymoon Trax - In My House 5.

Janitor - Energy 6. Rexanthony - Polaris Dream Hardacid Version T-Marc feat. Raver's Nature - Return Of Fame Critical Mass - Can't Stop Genlog — Mockmoon Paranoia X — Party Program Ilsa Gold — Up Liquid Bass — Music 4 The People Nutron Intelligence — Incredible High Hardsequencer - Broadcast 2. Forkman - Forkpower 4. Jumpers - Gungleboy Down Gungle 5. Vincent - Strings Of Infinity 6. Prophecy - Savage 8.

Xavi Escolano - Heaven 9. Plastic Enemy - Bulldozer Marc Smith - Techno Dup Univers - Univers Silverplate - Get Up! Nutron Intelligence - Incredible High Raver's Nature - Day Of Justice Lord Of Hardcore - Go Bezerk Skorpus Ravers vs. Cyntex - Bomb De Bomb Innerchild - Who're You Fucking With General Noise - Hey Mr. DJ Omar Santana - Wizard Of Oh Knightvision - Knight Of Visions Profound - 4 O'Clock Nu Love - Agony Dave Davis - Transfiguration Taucher - Infinity Scuba Mix.

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Show this post yeah, sorry! Show this post will update this thread shortly ;. Tuesday, October 18, Fear Factory - Genexus. Labels: , Aes Dana , ambient , Compilation , downtempo , drone , dub techno , glitch , Miktek , Ultimae. Friday, October 14, Shaded Explorer - Empatia. Labels: , album , ambient , ambient techno , dub , dub techno , Shaded Explorer , Silent Season. Wednesday, October 12, Floating Points - Elaenia. Labels: , album , ambient techno , Floating Points , Luaka Bop , nu-jazz.

Labels: , album , Alphaxone , Cryo Chamber , dark ambient , drone , space ambient. The only dude on the West that he felt competition with—someone to keep him honest. Dre went the Orson Welles route, Quik stayed true to his game. He rarely made a false start nor bit his tongue. You still received the raw complete artist. Dre became a power broker aligned with Jimmy Iovine.

He picked the pop star, Eminem. Quik plucked the pimp star Suga Free. There are eight solo albums—all good to great. Until announcing his hiatus from a hiatus, Dre has been spinning in circles for most of the last decade. David Blake is savage, stoned, and sentimental, with both soulful Heavy D tributes and critically acclaimed concept records about hating his sisters.

He is weird and restless, inventive, balanced. What he may lack in national influence, Quik has compensated for with consistency and longevity. LA rap is forged out of the funk. Dre slowed it down and went kaleidoscopic. He was political. Quik was all internal combustion and ferocious neuroses. There were gorgeous instrumental grooves and drums that have been engineered to make sounds that no one thought could be made. Take the doctor. Mad scientists are more interesting and more experimental.

They have no fear and usually better hair. For Madlib, the two processes are practically indistinguishable and honestly transparent. The biggest? But musically, New York hip-hop shared the same basic ingredients as LA electro-rap or even Chicago Acid House and Detroit Techno: drum machines, synths and not much else.

Enter Marley Marl. Every label from Def Jux to Young Money owes him a debt for that. On February 10, , three days after his 32nd birthday and the release of his masterpiece, Donuts , J Dilla passed away at his home in Los Angeles. Those who appreciated him in life honored his memory with T-shirts, freestyles, tribute concerts and beat compilations. People grieve in different ways. Still for many, the story of J Dilla and their relationship with his music began the day he died.

Though respected and admired in life, in the years since his death, accounts from those who knew him best describe a gracious and thoughtful friend who conducted himself with dignity and grace: a curious artist driven by fearless imagination, operating at the highest level of integrity where creative expression was its own end and needed no further validation. But hyperbole is unseemly and mythologizing undignified.

And unnecessary. We do a disservice to deify the dead, to confuse and conflate the message with the messenger and allow their death to influence our experience of their music. Even in death, all that really matters is the music. The music is more than enough. And the music. Whether it was his early work with Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and The Pharcyde, his organic neo-soul or his frenzied 21st century sample-collages, each of his instrumentals revealed a preternatural sense of groove that pushed the boundaries of what hip-hop could be.

Rare was the rapper who could enhance a Dilla beat. Anything could be sampled into anything else. Stereolab could be Busta Rhymes. A snare could be sped up into a high-hat. The possibilities were endless and even in death they still are.

His music was alive. He was one of us. That makes it all the more meaningful. James Brown loops and horn stabs are making way for more sophisticated production techniques and significantly dustier fingers. In the midst of west coast gangsterism, east coast afrocentricity and free love, polka dots, and some Hammer pants, a fresh-faced Peter Philips grabs the torch from mentor Marley Marl and runs with it.

The game changes. The change up in style between the first full length and the The Main Ingredient may have received some criticism at the time — what, no horns?! The tempo is slower, the samples more steadfastly soulful, the drums crisper and cleaner… the 1 Soul Brother in full effect. Raekwon — Prevail. Number 3?! Dre is number 3?!?!?! Consider this: No man, woman or child has done more for popular American music since the s than Dr.

There are few artists who have as deep as discography as Dre and a few who can claim they innovated a new style or technique but Dr. Dre on no less than three occasions radically changed the course of hip hop forever. It is an accomplishment unmatched by any one on this list. We know the stories. We know that he formed Aftermath Records a few years after that and the momentum of his second release, , shifted the sound and technique that is still being followed on commercial radio to this day.

But what ultimately makes Dre the greatest is the legion of his musical children that he unleashed on the world. When you factor in his musical grandchildren, everybody from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Tony Yayo, you are left with a staggering career that dwarfs everybody. MP3: Dr. Suddenly, your shoulders square. And with every crack of the snare your spine thrusts violently. This is happening. The fundamental job of a producer is to create music that inspires someone to rap.

How many rappers were born because they heard a DJ Premier beat and were compelled to try? You can learn how to rap over Primo beats.

You can rap as well as anyone is capable of rapping over Primo beats. From Gang Starr and M. He gave it its definitive swing, fluid and propulsive, the way the drums communicate with the bass, horn stabs firing at you from all directions. Everything else is an approximation. A perfection of means and confusion of aims seems to be our main problem. What do we really value: excellence in execution or the courage of imagination? If building the perfect beat is the calling, perfection can be uninspiring upon reflection.

Lists such as these require reflection. Right now, somewhere, a DJ Premier instrumental has queued up on an iPod, and someone who has never rapped before in their life is about to give it a try. There are producers with more hits than the RZA. There are those with more longevity and superior versatility.

Still others have had a more direct and enduring influence. But none was greater. The Abbot is the only man in history to transmute hip hop into a different substance. Wu Tang. A worldview and sound with its own phonetics, semiotics, slang. It was a DaVinci code for the dusted. Rappers had written crime narratives, but Robert Diggs turned them into obscene cinema. Art films for the bloody and blunted. Suddenly, rap was interwoven with myth—samples sounded beautiful but scarred.

The RZA built his style amidst the slums of Shaolin, stuffing something years of static into an SP, amidst a constantly flooding basement studio. Hence, the sound of shaky foundations and un-insulated winters. Break Mix. MP3 Cordial - Candlelight Or.

Featuring Stefy - Think About Inside My Heart. Scott Mix. P Volume II - Hardnoise. S Disco Remix. Came outta nowhere - Take Me Higher sasha mix. MP3 F. Project - Risky. EP - I Know Them. Tips Anthem Mix. Fire Island Dub. Shelter Me Mix. Dancefloor Mix. MP3 lil louie - video crash. Dj Pierre - Feel The Power original mix. Turntable Hype - Turntable Hype [Cassanova].

Noise - Love Is The Message. C - Feel The Rush 7' Version. I - Apache Techno Version. Theres No Stopping Us [84]. P orange - my feelings. Moore Featuring M. D - Getting out extended mix. MP3 Secchi - I say yeah Extended. House 2 House. MP3 Spectrum - Amplification Remix. Go Insane!. MP3 Sub-Merge Feat. Armand Van Helden Re-Edit. Freedom Williams - Get Dumb!

Bass Addiction-For Whom The Bass TollsRAGEMP3 Bass Blox-First On The BloxRAGEMP3 Bass Bombers-Bomb The BassRAGEMP3 Bass Boy Posse-Bass DropRAGEMP3 Bass Foundation-Straight Outta Bass TownRAGEMP3 Bass Killa-Murder Was The BassRAGEMP3 Bass Master A.C.E.-Totally BassRAGEMP3.

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  1. Techno X-Es + The Bass Posse* Hyper Bass Techno X-Es + The Bass Posse* - Bass The Nation Volume II ‎ (Cass, Album).
  2. Explore releases from X-ES + The Bass Posse at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from X-ES + The Bass Posse at the Discogs Marketplace.
  3. Don't Stop That Bass Drop My Mellow Bass Freak That Thang VA - - Best of Techno Bass - The Ultimate Edition. VA - - So So Def Bass Allstars Vol.1 Oliver Windy Wink-D Wolfgang V. Webenau World Bass Federation Worldwide Records Inc. Wrap Wrap Factor Wrap Records X X-es X-ES + The Bass Posse X-I1e X-Treme Bass Xtreme Bass.
  4. Intro: Bass Muzik 2 Da' Ground Trunk-A-Funk Can U Handle This? Beat It Down Silly Of Me Bring Down The Walls Bass Vibrations It's Called Bass Brian! I Got Beef! Quad Let The Bass Flow Bass National Anthem Outro: The Original Kings.
  5. Techno Bass [Eurobass Mix] Pump up the Bass [Sub Woofer Movement Version] Bass Transmission [Radar Radio Mix] Flight [Down Tempo Bass Mix] Techno Soul Bass [Hip Hop Version] Turntable Terrorism [18 Turntables Power Mix] Bass FX [Mega Low Mix] Digital Bass [Ultra Car Mix] DJ Scratch [Miami Bass Mix.
  6. X-es ft. The Bass Posse - Trippin On naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 X-es ft. The Bass Posse - CCCP Reformed naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 Bassman - naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 X-es ft. The Bass Posse - Lazer naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 Bassman - Trans Europe naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 Bassman - Let The Music naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 X-es ft. The Bass Posse - You Make Me Feel naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co3 X-es ft. The Bass Posse - Lords Of.
  7. The music of the band oscillates between virtuoso art punk, acoustic drum'n'bass, funk, free improvisation and new music. And yet it’s always clearly a jazz album. “Koma Tema“ echoes s drum’n’bass, “Slakten Makten Takten“ quotes hiphop, “Kali Koma“ has a pure funk riff at its core.
  8. 3rd Bass "The Cactus Album" () 3rd Bass "Derelicts Of Dialect" () 40 Winks "The Lucid Effect" () 50 Cent "The Massacre" () 50 Cent "Curtis" () Boyz "Goodfellas" () 60 Second Assassin "Remarkable Timing" () 7evenThirty "The Problem" () 7L & Esoteric "Speaking Real Words The EP" ().
  9. Beat Dominator - Bass Robin Fox - I See Stars DJ Laz - Journey Into Bass Bass Mekanik - Rok This Place Bass Tribe;Barry Morgan - Dance Like A Freak (fea.

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