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On St. Nicholas Eve children place a shoe on the windowsill. By morning they find dried fruit, nuts, small toys or new school supplies left by St. It is said that naughty children find an onion. All of this depends on the period of time and fasting. These are just some of the patron saints and their days: St. Nicholas Nikoljdan, 19 December , St. John the Baptist Jovanjdan, 20 January , St. Demetrius Mitrovdan, 8 November , St. Sava Savindan, 27 January.

What is interesting is that not only people, but cities, organizations, companies, schools and other institutions can also have their patron saints and celebrate Slava. For example, all schools in Serbia celebrate St. Sava as their patron saint. For the faithful, Krsna Slava creates confidence, strength, freshness, stability, spiritual and physical peace, and the ability and incentive to do good and to lend help to others.

If we want to be the meritorious heirs of our ancestors, keeping our origin, history, and symbols of Krsna Slava, we can't permit the flame of our Krsna Slava candle ever to be extinguished. Set aside 2 rounded tablespoons each of the sugar and ground walnuts and set them aside for the topping.

Cook wheat in clear water over medium heat for about 2 hours. Change water several times during cooking, by draining and replacing with cold water. When wheat is cooked, drain completely and spread on a clean cloth to dry.

Grind wheat in a meat grinder. Place this mixture on a serving dish. Form into a rounded shape. Combine the reserved sugar and walnuts and spread over the top. Almonds may also be used for garnish. The importance of Krsna Slava is not to have a huge, elaborate, and expensive party.

All you need is the Icon of your saint, a candle, wheat, bread kolach , and wine, the service of the priest, and an awareness that Krsna Slava is a great treasure passed on to you by your ancestors.

Do not fail to keep this ancient and honorable Serbian Orthodox tradition and to pass it on to your children. As St. Paul says in his epistle to the Thessalonians , "Stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught". The wheat is a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ and deceased family members.

Depending on whether the celebration falls in a period of fasting, the rest of the feast consists of animal-free posni meals or not mrsni ; thus, colloquially, Slavas can be referred to as mrsne or posne.

On the day of the Slava , the family attends church services and partakes in Holy Communion. A menu might consist of chicken noodle soup, sarma, spit-roasted lamb and pork, breads, and pastries that run the gamut of potica to strudels to nut rolls to krem pita , tortes, cookies, wine, slivovic plum brandy , and good, strong coffee.

It's definitely not the time to begin a diet. Some cooks go so far as to make their sarma with kiseli kupus whole soured cabbage heads. And no slava feast would be complete without appetizers of smoked meats, sausages, feta cheese, kajmak and pogacha a yeast bread.

Events The ancient surrounds of Aman Sveti Stefan allow for memorable private moments as well as large, jubilant gatherings Discover More. Special Requests No request is too great and no detail too small. We are also here to assist you before your trip begins. Harvard University Press. LXIII : Neven Publishing Corporation. Vlasto CUP Archive. Institute of Oriental and Orissan Studies. Although here and there in scholarly publications, and particularly in popular books, even in the formal publications of the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, some of these romantic delusions about the slava as a Serbian ethnic identification marker are repeated, the serious scholars giving interpretation to the slava M.

Intangible cultural heritage of Serbia. Slava Prayer — St. Hidden categories: CS1 Serbian-language sources sr Infobox holiday other Articles containing Serbian-language text Commons category link from Wikidata.

Свети Сава (око — јануар ) био је српски принц, монах, игуман манастира Студенице, књижевник, дипломата и први архиепископ аутокефалне Српске православне naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.coђен је као Растко Немањић, најмлађи син великог.

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  1. 'Saint Stephen'; Italian: Santo Stefano) is a small islet and 5-star hotel resort on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, approximately 6 kilometres ( mi) southeast of Budva. The resort is known commercially as Aman Sveti Stefan and includes part of the mainland, where the Villa Miločer (pronounced [vîla mîlɔ̝tʃe̞r]) is naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.coon: Sveti Stefan Islet, Budva .
  2. Sveti Nikola (St. Nicholas) is the patron saint for so many families that there is a Serbian saying for St. Nicholas Day, 6 or 19 December, "Half of Serbia is celebrating their Slava today, and the other half is going to a Slava." It is a very important day for Serbian Orthodox.
  3. Takođe pogledajte: Slava Slava, poznata još i kao krsno ime, krsna slava, sveti, srpski je narodno-crkveni običaj i posle Vaskrsa i Božića, treći najvažniji porodični praznik, uvek povezan sa danom određenog hrišćanskog svetitelja. Ona je toliko karakteristična za Srbe da predstavlja znak njihovog prepoznavanja i identifikacije.
  4. Slava in Serbian customs is the way of celebrating saints that every house respects. Once a year the family gathers and celebrates with lots of food, drinks, and friends. This gathering attracts relatives, but also those who accidentally meet in that house, a friend of a friend, a casual traveler like you, or colleagues from work.
  5. Stefan nije tako česta slava kao sv. Nikola, Georgije ili Mihailo, ali ova prva slava po Božiću ipak spada u "prvi" red svetaca u Srba. Stefan spada u one srpske svece koji imaju dve slave – pored današnjeg zimskog, i letnji - Stevan Vetroviti - kada se 2. avgusta ( avgusta po gregorijanskom kalendaru) slavi Prenos moštiju svetog.
  6. Aman Sveti Stefan is a story in two parts. One is a beautifully preserved 15th-century fishing village on a fortified islet; the other, on the mainland, is the shore-side former summer home of the Queen Maria of Yugoslavia – a rustic retreat and a royal residence connected by an isthmus.
  7. Аранђеловдан је хришћански празник који се прославља новембра (8. новембра по старом календару).По броју људи који је у српском народу слави као своју крсну славу, она се налази на другом месту.
  8. Sveti Kirijak (Miholjdan) Pokrov presvete Bogorodice. Sveti apostol Toma. Prepodobna Paraskeva (Sveta Petka) Sveti evanđelist Luka. Novembar. Sveti Dimitrije (Mitrovdan) Sveti Georgije (Đurđic) Sveti arhanđel Mihailo (Aranđelovdan) Sveti Stefan Dečanski (Sv. Mrata) Decembar. Vavedenje presvete.

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