Systemic Abuse - Green Beret (3) - Standing At The Mouth Of Hell (Vinyl)

I think we should go after terror wherever it is, you know. I support that. The military chose Benjamin because it wanted someone who had made both documentaries and commercials.

Roger Carstens, a former Green Beret who is now a non-resident fellow at the think tank Center for a New American Security, watched the film at Fort Bragg with a Green Beret friend who had recently returned from Afghanistan. Reviews The Green Berets. Roger Ebert June 26, Now streaming on:.

Powered by JustWatch. Now playing. Mulan Christy Lemire. Sputnik Matt Zoller Seitz. Critical Thinking Odie Henderson. Film Credits. Cast John Wayne as Col. Kirby Jim Hutton as Sgt. Kirby and Capt. McDaniel both have previous tours to Vietnam.

But, early on, when they are shown wearing their ribbons, neither one has any ribbon earned while serving in 'Nam. Nor do they have the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal which was awarded for Vietnamese service prior to From on, U. Most also earned the Vietnam Campaign medal issued by the Vietnamese government and authorized for wear by U.

This film is famous or infamous for its "sun setting in the east" final scene, due to the fact that "Vietnam has no west coast" and therefore if the sun is sinking into the ocean, it "must" be setting in the east.

Without further evidence of an error, nothing in the film itself states clearly that the characters are standing facing eastward toward the ocean. When Colonel Kirby acts as jump master about minutes into the film, he orders his troops to hook up their static lines, but he never actually hooks up himself.

After the troops jump, he is seen exiting the aircraft, still not hooked up. This means his main chute won't open, and he will have to activate his reserve manually. A big mistake for a jump master to make. When Kirby's helicopter crashes in a ball of fire the rigging cables used to suspend it are visible.

During the night attack on the base, a medium shot of the attacking "Vietcong" clearly shows that, although dressed in the traditional VC black pajamas and conical straw hats, most, if not all, of them are Caucasians the film was shot at Fort Benning, Georgia, and many soldiers were hired as extras. The M that Col. Kirby smashes against a tree is a toy gun made by Mattel in the s. You can see tell by the speaker holes in the magazine which is also much larger than a real M magazine.

After they parachute in on the mission to snatch the NVA General and the point man fights and kills the three VC, the rest of the unit arrives and in his frustration John Wayne's character slams an M against a tree, it is a toy.

Kirby uses a "fatal hookup" when rappelling from the mansion's balcony. He is clearly shown wrapping the rope the wrong way through the karabiner. As soon as weight is put on it, the karabiner opens and the rappeller falls free. Army karabiners in were non-locking, and were called "snap links" because of it. SEALS- 2. The last SEAL runs out the door. He is confronted by the last 2 Green Berets. He puts his hands up as a SEAL appears from the water 20 feet away.

He fires his SIG at the Berets killing one of them. The last beret places a claymore down and moves 40 yards back. A SEAL fires a bullet which sets off the claymore and kills him. SEALS- 1. The cold, black waters of the Arctic Ocean are disturbed by the hum of propellers. A large cargo vessel cuts through the water as water churns behind it as it approaches the northern coast of Canada.

It is late at night, and the temperature is chilling. Army soldiers, members of the infamous Green Berets, are hiding on the bridge and below deck. They are on a mission, attempting to infiltrate the Canadian Arctic using a civilian vessel. Four of them stand on the bridge shifting uneasily, their muscles tense and eyes scanning the waves with night vision. They face each other, stony-faced, as they prepare to rappel from the helicopter onto the deck of the suspicious vessel.

The ancient aircraft begins to hum and vibrate from the stress. Finally, the silhouette of a civilian cargo ship begins to take shape on the horizon. The soldiers silently make eye contact, acknowledging their impending battle. Their palms sweat inside their gloves as they hold onto the ropes which are about to take them onto the suspect ship.

The soldiers scowl into the distance. The Green Berets soldiers standing guard suddenly look at each other in apprehension. The commander signals to his subordinates, and they take cover. He communicates to the rest of the team to do likewise. They turn of the safety on their weapons and shift their grips. The helicopter flies over the ship, and pauses to hover over the deck.

Suddenly, 7 men clad in black tactical gear rappel out of the chopper onto the icy deck of the ship. They quickly take cover behind deck hatches, lifeboats, and equipment left on the deck.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts from the window of the bridge, catching the Canadians by surprise. They return fire with their C8 assault rifles. The Canadian counter-sniper assembles and loads his Tac He aims it into the windshield on the bridge of the ship. Meanwhile, another JTF2 soldier sets his weapon to automatic. The two of them provide suppressing fire towards the enemy as the other 4 advance in formation across the deck and climb the stairs leading up to the bridge.

The Canadian counter-sniper manages to eliminate the Green Beret sniper with the Tac The lines in the poem which support this are "and the boy knew everything What sacrifice was forced on the boy because he was prepared to take a stance?

The boy sacrificed the life of his father. Who was the boy protecting? Was he successful? How do you know? The boy was protecting the North Vietnamese. In the United States military , forces have worn distinctive uniform items for centuries to create a psychological advantage and boost their esprit de corps, but the military use of berets is a relatively recent phenomenon.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Blue Bonnet became a de facto symbol of Scottish Jacobite forces. The French Chasseurs alpins, created in the early s, are recognized as the first regular unit to wear the military beret as their standard headgear.

One of the reasons that the beret is attractive to the military as a uniform item is that they are cheap, easy to make in large numbers and can be manufactured in a wide range of colors.

From the soldier's view, the beret can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket or beneath a shirt epaulet without damage, and it can be worn while wearing headphones. Military berets are usually pushed to the right to free the shoulder that bears the rifle on most soldiers though some country's armies -- mostly Europe, South America and Iran -- have influenced the push to the left.

As a kid, he loved the song " Ballard of the Green Berets " . He wasn't stealing glory, but imitating that which he admired the most in the United States Army,,,, the Green Berets . When I read the comments about Brain, as I suspect, real Green Berets, and other Army Special Forces,,,, are much like United States Marines, United States.

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  1. Two years since their "The Cult Of State" EP, Green Beret return with another dose of timeless hardcore. "Standing At The Mouth Of Hell" treads the same UK-by-way-of-Sweden ground as past releases, adding a bit of a straight-forward US influence resulting in .
  2. Standing at the Mouth of Hell, an album by Green Beret on Spotify Systemic Abuse. Count Zero Blackout. More by Green Beret. Violence Is Their Currency. The Cult of State. I've Got the Bible Belt Around My Throat. More Green Beret. Listen to Standing at the Mouth of Hell now.
  3. SIDE2 - GREEN BERET 'STANDING AT THE MOUTH OF HELL' 12inch EP Two years since their "The Cult Of State" EP, Green Beret return with another dose of timeless hardcore. "Standing At The Mouth Of Hell" treads the same UK-by-way-of-Sweden ground as past releases, adding a bit of a straight-forward US influence resulting in their strongest work Rating: % positive.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Violence Is Their Currency on Discogs. Label: Side Two - SIDE2 - • Format: Vinyl 12 Green Beret - Violence Is Their Currency (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(11).
  5. Green Beret - Standing At The Mouth Of Hell () Hardcore Punk. DWNLD. Publicadas por Unknown a la/s Enviar esto por correo electrónico BlogThis! Compartir en Twitter Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Pinterest. Etiquetas: Green Beret. (3) Autumn Leaves (1) Axel (1).
  6. Jul 08,  · This Green Beret Went Through Hell And Back In A Heroic Effort To Save The Lives Of Countless Men Vietnam 3 GREEN BERETS Training & Memoirs Montagnards - Duration:
  7. [The following is an excerpt from the book The Guerrilla Factory: The Making of Special Forces Officers, The Green Berets, an inside look at Green Beret training by a former Lieutenant Colonel of.
  8. I will try to answer in an unbiased way the best I can. A common misunderstanding that people have is that Green Berets are tougher, because they have longer training. However, SEALs and SF basically train for a lot of the same missions. There is.

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