Taktil (Deep Voice Remix)

Their sound is often described as blend of modern atmospherics with massive melodic parts, thick leads and deep pad sounds. The band has a style that creates complex presence both in the studio and on stage. Music groups Kraftwerk, Visage, Ultravox, and Cabaret Voltaire influenced Steve to play around with synthesizers in the early 80's.

In the following years Steve saved all money he could get to buy used analog synth's, sequencers and beatboxes and built up a small electronic home studio. The first of over record releases and remixes came to light in the early 90s on the Le Petit Price Label. Animation, Commercials, Corporate Strong, mature, dynamic, inspirational, leader, character-y, deep, announcer-like, very articulate, can be goofy and quirky, too.

My voice is luxurious, intelligent, and sophisticated. I can also sound professorial. Animation, Imaging, Promos Very deep resident voice, urban and ethnic. Veriety of Character voices and more to be explored. My voice is very identifiable, youthful, clear, and adaptable. I am a natural storyteller and occasionally have an appealing gritty finish on words. From deep and authoritative to calm and soothing.

High energy, hard sell. My voice can be described as friendly, intelligent, regular guy, trustworthy, smooth, calming. I can do the powerful truck commercial read and comedy.

Commercials, E-learning, Internet Audio I have a deep, baritone voice. I can range from sounding professional to conversational, and everything in between. A neutral, southern balance. Animation, Apps, Audiobooks, Character, Commercials Xoxo gossip girls is a very interesting demo..

Tears is also recommended also Virtual reality. I've a warm, pleasant, enthusiast, confident and friendly voice. Animation, Audiobooks, Impersonations I'm the gruff, boozy detective ready to retire, the accent-wielding dad telling children's and YA stories, or the voice of Boeing, selling airliners.

I like to think of my voice as a regular teenage girl, but I can easily tweak my voice to sound younger. Deep rich "announcer" sounding voice. I have a solid deep voice that is confident and authoritative.

I can also inflect warmth and friendliness without over-doing the guy-next-door. Warm, clear, articulate, confident and youthful but weathered sounding, so with a little texture and grit. Animation, Impersonations, Promos Wide variety I have always had the gift of mimic and can convey most demands -Guy next door, deep south, Cajun, Sophisticated and so on. My voice is deep, authoritative and exciting. Can do characters if needed. I've got range.

I am a very articulate, educational tone voice. Also, I can make characterize any impersonation. Deep voice, good for serious documentaries. Soft and deep voice. Warm, with a cold, professional tone as an option. A bit above Don LaFontaine R. P but not a galaxy in between. I'm trusthworthy with a deep, calm and clear voice. But I can also sound very young and dynamic. I have a deep, resonate, folksy voice type; the trustworthy "guy next door". I can also narrate in the documentary or industrial style.

Narration: Clear, informative, authoritative, standard British accent. Commercials: Versatile Animation, Audiobooks, Character, Commercials, Promos I'm a bombastic personality with a soothing baritone. Capable of versatile character work, accents and articulation.

Energy to match any project. My voice is deep and inviting with a unique sound; this is what I am told y others. My voice is engaging, authoritative, and good for narration. Extremely believable; warm,friendly,deep,compassionate,confident. Promo and Trailer very strong. Character voices are my primary. Dramatic or comedic! Animation, Audiobooks, E-learning, Video Games I'm the energetic, young, fun guy who will bring energy to your work! Very articulate and full of characters.

Smooth and resonant with versatility ranging from serious and authoritative to playful and fun. My voice is middle - deep and my usual style is warm, friendly, corporate and elegant. I'm very versatile so can do all type of voiceovers. My Spanish voice is soft however with well-annunciated Rs, can also sound educational, with low tones. Articulate, deep, authoritative. Friendly, warm.

Over-the-top, high-energy, announcer-style. I have a naturally deep, monotone voice. I also have a very versatile and flexible voice. I'm best at definitive, clever reads. Spanish voice talent that has a warm, elegant, deep, sexy, fun, smooth,sweet,warm,confident,comical,guy next door voices, with a neutral accent. Commercials, Corporate, Internet Audio My speciality is Neutral Spanish Accent. Male, middle age, middle low range, baritone, polite, trusty, guy next door,educational.

VO Animation: All types of characters, both sexes, many ages, animals, kids, elders. From tiny little voices to booming creatures! I'm the friendly customer service guy, the salesman, the warm and sympathetic counselor, the maniac, the playful comedian, or the sinister villain. I'm a male that can do any type of adult male voice, monsters and demons, wizards, knights, English accents, etc.

I prefer 'cartoon' characters. I am the traditionally, obvious, deep "black man's voice. I have a deep, resonate voice. True Brit from London! All London accents but specifically RP, queens english, newsreader - also happy girl, sexy cougar and intelligent narrator. Animation, Commercials, Impersonations, Video Games I'm quirky but can be sophisticated. I sound like a child, pre-teen, teen or girl next door, Jewish mother, country or like I'm underwater. Animation, Audiobooks, Commercials, Promos Articulate, smooth, warm, hypnotic, credible, and trustworthy.

I can draw someone into a relaxing, tranquil, fantasy or, deliver accurate tech info. I'm the girl you want to talk to, sweet, soothing, but I can be very innocent and sensual if needed.

Sensual, fun, cartoon, serious, I'll make you feel comfortable. Announcer, mature, low tone, conversational, mature, educational, compelling, powerful, friendly, upbeat, warm, medium tone, authoritative. I'm the guy you hire when your looking for something to fill in the gaps, educational, funny, "announcer type", cartoony, etc. My specialties include medical, guy next door, authoritative and educational reads. I have a deep warm, friendly and soothing style.

My voice can also be authoritative, strident, or informative. Also very articulate. Very articulate. I have a deep friendly sound with range. Articulate, yet versatile sound capable of producing a different styles of enunciations and varying tones.

Deep voice,rugged,blue collar. I can also do a New York accent. I can produce about any sort of vocal style wanted from quirky to very sophisticated. In current position, I speak as if from Bristol, England. I care about having the proper emotion in my voice depending on the project, from friendly to dark and tense, Triumphant to defeated. I perform natural high energy and enthusiastic reads with smile to catch the listeners attention.

Young adult voice type, energetic and friendly educational. My voice is pretty straightforward. I'm geared towards business readings or sports-oriented materials. Guy next door, father, conversational, natural, compelling, relatable and believable. I'm the cool, funny girl next door, known for educational corporate spots, resonant and warm e-learning projects, and strong animated characters.

Friendly and welcoming,strong in narration,straightforward and educational. I have a very good Joker impersonation from The Dark Knight.

My voice is young, close and sweet, I can be sexy. I can do voices of children of different ages and cartoons. Also, I cand do news tone. The professional relating well to business people without "trying too hard.

I have extensive experience doing national commercials, infomercials, and cartoon characters. If you need cartoon voices I can provide those as well. Animation, Commercials, Corporate, E-learning I am a graduate in journalism hyper creative and demanding with the quality and originality of my vo jobs, with a very personal style and deep voice. Warm voice, baritone, and fresh style ideal for commercials, documentaries, corporate, newscasts, and impersonations. Others' descriptors: Deep, rich, chocolatey, empowering,bold,seductive,enticing,powerful,warm,thunderous,resounding, believable.

Best at deep and promising voice for commercials, ads, and video VO. I'm the expert: articulate, deep, educational, informative, intelligent, warm and resonant. With low voice, I am able to perform from young boys to old men. I'm the strong voice, commanding, booming, articulate, pull on your heart strings guy! My tone can be instructional and motivational or fatherly and sympathetic. Voice descriptors for me would be warmth, clarity, maturity and subtlety. Also proficient with accents, dialects, and character voices.

Podcasts I perform according to script in a Warm, calm, educational, deep, light, authoritative, confident, wise, sincere, trustworthy, serious, storyteller. My voice inhabits a sliding scale between upbeat and relatable quirky millennial to down-to-earth and motherly, depending on pitch.

No clear accent. I have soft , deep and smooth British accent no dialect I can imagine myself on a late night radio , Rock show! Mark is big Can also sound "reverent" or "spiritual". I have a deep, 'bass-y' voice and can sound authoritative and professional yet warm and friendly. I can sound educational and articulate as well. I have a warm, baritone sound that is friendly, caring, authoritative, confident, articulate and believable.

I can also sound wry, silly and scary. Pro actor with warm, deep, intelligent, thrustworty voice with some cool tough guy feeling. Pro voice for trailers too. Versatile character playing.. Deep voice. Can be guy-next-door, big brother, young Dad. Can be sensuous and smooth or commanding and booming.

My range goes from friendly to soothing, but can be aggressive as well, with much deeper undertones. The sound of my voice is Alto, but flexible. Audiobooks, Character I have an appealing, easy to listen to voice that can sound very credible, authoritative, informative, engaging, even sexy. Commercials, Impersonations, Promos I can perform in two languages American English and Italian at a native level: on-hold, commercials, documentaries, PC games, cartoons, promos.

Warm and deep voice for narrations, commercials, smooth and professional for documentaries, multimedia project, and many more. Character, Commercials, Corporate, Promos Matt has a rich, warm timbre to his voice with a subtle Australian accent. His voice is strong, trustworthy, articulate and easy to understand. I'm sort of the charming, deep voiced guy. Authoritative yet calming. Deep resonating, intelligent, or not if called for , educational, experienced, friendly, commanding.

Some character voice when needed. Deep and Edgy. I am the guy's guy. I can sell you beer, cars, and sports. Commercials, Internet Audio, Promos We ended up speeding it up and adding more trap drums. We brought it into the 21st century and into the future a little bit. Do you have any stand-out stories from that experience? We were touring a lot. It was way more of a shock when we had to move out. And then as soon as we got to the new apartment, which was up in Harlem, we felt a bit rushed to grow up.

The weird anxieties and fears started coming out and into the music. RM: Wash the dishes? For the first couple apartments, we were still in the college mindset of throwing up some posters and tapestries and hanging some Christmas lights.

RM: We have plants everywhere. Hey Willrich, did you notice your voice get higher at first at all? Have you been measuring most days too? So does this affect your entire voice? For example I plan to sing with as much range as humanly possible.

My guess would be that it shifts your range downward, so you can hit lower notes but lose some of the higher ones. I suppose you vary your volume and rate of speech without varying your pitch too much. This is because of something loosely related to your 1st example.

I have a disorder called Rhythmic Movement Disorder in which it most of the time forces me to bang my head back and forth repeatedly.

You could probably already guess how this is related to your first example. The constant motion of my head banging has strengthened the muscles in my neck, causing my voice to become significantly deeper. On the puberty thing, could you have your blood tested for testosterone? Hi Will, I just lie flat on a gym bench and then lift my head up and down 20 times.

I also turn it to the side to isolate particular neck muscles. Hey, how much did your neck grow in size during these two months? My neck is aesthetically fine at the moment but I am concerned with the outcomes of neck training, especially regarding perceived shoulder breadth.

See James Milner, for instance. His frame is fine, but his shoulders look relatively narrow because he has such a strong neck. I think it all looks better as well. Thank you for your answer. Do you think the aesthetic change is significantly noticeable to people around you? Probably not. Very interesting concept. Perhaps add Soprano and Alto to cater for female users aiming for the sweet spot in the female range? Other than that I really like where this app is going!

How long should it take for my voice to get higher and then deeper when doing the neck exercises? Hi Jack, your voice should get higher the next day, stay that way for about a week before it returns to normal, then be significantly deeper after a month, then get deeper still.

This is all just based on my experience though, so it might vary from person to person. The part about dehydration is spot-on. I do voiceovers and I generally drink warm rooibos tea to keep the vocal cords loose and keep me hydrated.

I was happy that Robert diNero and Arnold Schwarzenegger were at the top. A few months ago an American colleague saw one of my videos and she had thought that Jude Law had done the narration. Ahh everyone here is saying they started at Hz but here I am starting at Hz as a guy. It sucks but I suppose I have a lot of work to do to even just sound like a guy in general. Also I am 21 so puberty has come and gone. Although I should note a few things.

I had a deviated septum my whole life up until two years ago. This meant I could only breathe out of one nostril up until then. Also I have had incredibly bad posture all my life up until recently. I started to work out and it got slightly better but I still have some work to do. Overall, breathing has always been difficult to do properly up until recently so I am still trying to harness the power of my voice.

I will do anything to deepen my voice as it is the least attractive quality of me by far. Now I know surgery has risks and thats why I will and would only go to the best of the best to get it done. Also I have been training my neck for a few months now. I have only worked the front of my neck thusfar and have gotten to about 25 lbs for 12 reps.

I plan to get a neck harness soon to really maximize my neck growth. Hi Ryan, have you been doing the neck exercises I recommend here?

How do you do yours? Actually what you described is exactly the exercise I do but with weight. I will do the movement but with a weighted plate on my forehead, doing curls and slowly nodding as you described. Originally I started working the neck for size purposes but yesterday found out on your blog that it can help train for your voice as well.

Honestly the first times I did the exercise with weight is one of the best feelings Ive ever gotten. My neck loosened up and I could really feel the muscle fibers in my neck activating for the first time in my life.

Scroll down now! Anything Soulwax touches turns to gold. Well, In this case, they turn gold into diamond-encrusted platinum. The super collaboration between SG Lewis, Robyn, and Channel Tres was already an incredible record with sultry and deep waves. This is one of those records that pulls you in from the start and you get lost in every lick of sound as the sonic world wraps its blanket around you.

A song is truly special when it awakens strong feelings from the depths of your soul. It was definitely a party-igniter and I witnessed multiple clubs get wild to it.

Now we receive a Chris Lorenzo remix that somehow makes this record even wackier and more ridiculous. Lorenzo adds some extra bass and extra layers of samples to bring that pizzazz-based Chris Lorenzo sound.

Price keeps the record squarely in that indie, electronic sort of vibe that Cut Copy is well-known for, but brings a dancier sound that has elements of French House and the type of synthy goodness that sinks its teeth deep into your brain stem. The Milanese trio lets the vocals do their magic and then hit with a deeper, darker House sound that smacks listeners in the face and gets them into a party-like vibe.

Country wouldn't be same if it hadn't been touched by Johnny Cash, whose placid voice strangely underscored his passionate lyrics, creating a unique and unparalleled contrast. Shortly before his death in , he managed to attract a new generation of fans with his surreal cover versions of several pop songs.

Nick Cave's music takes on a much darker timbre than his idols Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash ever did. The Australian musician started his musical career in gothic rock, adopting the moniker "the Prince of Darkness. Tom Waits' voice was once described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding like "it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car.

Some consider Barry White's classics a joke, but the truth of the matter is that the world's population would probably be lower if it wasn't for his dulcet tones, which have doubled as the soundtrack to a great deal of romance. Although his first love in music was country, Lee Hazlewood went on to write, produce and even record a number of songs for Nancy Sinatra and other pop artists.

To this day, recordings of his warm baritone voice remain rather atypical in the context of popular music.

RELEASE: End of Wormhole Spartaque Remix ARTIST(S): Nakadia, Sean & Dee REMIXERS: Spartaque LABEL: Set About | SA GENRE: LOSSLESS, Techno RELEASED: AVAILABLE FORMAT: Kbps/FLAC DOWNLOAD SIZE: MB TOTAL TRACKS 1 Nakadia, Sean & Dee - End.

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  1. So you really need this one in your charger!:)Raul Mezcolanza didn't miss a chance to remix it. He reduced bass line a bit down to make it more groovy. Percussion parts fit track pretty cool so we've got a real killa as result!Also here you can find first remix from Deep Voice for IAMT.
  2. Check out Deep Voice on Beatport. Check out Deep Voice on Beatport. Genres. Afro House; Bass House; Big Room; Breaks; DJ Tools; Taktil. Dualitik, The Driver Deep Voice Remix Deep Voice, Natalino Nunes Sex Panda Toys. $ 8. Catch A Predator Paul.
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  4. Mar 03,  · For those of you with deep baritone voices, we’re featuring the best karaoke songs for men with deep voice. These could also be great for women with very deep voices.
  5. 10 iconic deep-voiced singers in popular music Tom Waits: American rebel. Tom Waits' voice was once described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding like "it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left.
  6. Day by Dave has done it again with another AMAZING remix! But this one is in a category of its own! Made By: naheasontelifa.puttvabwallveponcisolezytofouli.co Awesome Games.

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