Ten Tan Girls For Every Boy - Erling Wold - Music Of Love (CD, Album)

Bad Manners - My girl lollipop. Nick Kershaw - Dancing Girls. Madness - My girl. Donna Summers - Bad Girls. Motley Crue - Girls girls girls. New Edition - Candy Girl. Listen along and prepare for emotional whiplash as you sob into your pillow one minute and pretend you're grinding on a cute girl in the club the next.

However, this full song by Mary is solely about the love of a woman warming all of our stone-cold hearts. With "Palace," Hayley Kiyoko perfectly verbalizes every fantasy I've ever had about a girl I was lusting after, where I put her on a literal throne in my head It premiered in to enthusiastic notices and audience response.

The story had a personal resonance for Wold. I like a lot of Burroughs' writing but I like his early works best. He is best known as a writer who did these 'cut-ups' where he'd write a linear text but then cut up the pages and put the pieces against each other to make something new.

I think people forgot that he was actually a very good writer. I'm not sure what the term 'good writer' means, but his early works are very revealing, very autobiographical and I was able to get into who he was and feel what he was writing about and that was important for me.

I liked Queer because even though you could say it was gay literature, it felt universal. And there were practical things-it was a reasonable size, it was well focussed. I also liked the language and that's important because the language drives the music. I think it was because it was a very painful experience for him and he had to distance himself from the events.

He tells the story of a man which is him , an expatriate living in Mexico, and his obsessive love for another expatriate, Eugene Allerton. Burroughs was in Mexico at the time fleeing a drug possession charge in the states. It's not an unrequited love, although maybe the guy's kind of a hustler. You don't get much more than two-dimensional versions of the other people around him, including this person who is the object of his affections.

The guy is basically uninterested and why he's hanging out with Burroughs is unclear-maybe because Burroughs has money. It's a very painful story and it reminded me of things that had happened in my life. Was there any concern that the story might not be theatrically or dramatically viable? I'm attracted to texts that are difficult. It's part of my personal challenge of being a composer of opera. This is a different attitude than some people have, I know. Some people would say that the story, the libretto, comes first and that the music is composed to support it.

I have the approach that the two are equal partners and part of my job as a composer is to take a text that may not be appropriate dramatically and make it into a dramatic entity.

As a composer, I have the power to take the audience through an emotional journey just with the music alone. Now, I thought Queer was a dramatic story; it has a nice structure and a nice flow. After the two men get together, the Burroughs character takes Eugene on a journey to South America -a quest to find a new drug he believes will be the answer to the questions in his life, but of course it is a failure.

The story becomes very dark and gets lost in the jungle, petering out without a real conclusion. There is an epilogue about him coming back to Mexico City that he added years later but is suddenly in the first person.

It's very dramatically appealing. Part of the deal with the Burroughs Estate was that we couldn't change a word. We could only cut things down. That didn't bother me at all because I was attracted to the language and I was not interested in writing arias that had nice rhymes or whatever. When you began writing for the voice, did you find that you had an innate sense of setting text to music? When I write melodies for the voice, they usually come to me intuitively from the text.

I rarely set verse. I find myself more attracted to prose and working with the more natural rhythms of prose. Singers say they like singing my music. They say my songs are tuneful and that they lie in the voice well. I think it comes from the fact that I do think about the voice and the text and about how it will be presented.

When I was young I sang in church choirs and I always liked to sing. I sing through everything I write. One of my very first composition classes was taught by Robert Gross there are actually a few composers named Robert Gross. He gave us an assignment to pick a poem, read it over and over until we felt as though could present it as an actor would present it.

Then he wanted us to write down the way we presented it in terms of pitch contour and rhythm and use that to write a song. He didn't expect us to follow it slavishly, but to pay attention to what was innate in the text. I tend to do that to this day. When I come upon a text, I read it out loud a number of times. One of the differences between an actor and an opera singer is that the actor has free reign as far as tempo, rhythm and so forth. Just me? I mean, uh Of course you have four reports to type up and two exams on Monday, but you need to shower and do your hair and paint your nails and wax your upper lip and take off your nail polish… you never liked the color anyway.

This song is one you swear you will never listen to in public or while in a 10 mile radius of anyone you know, and when it comes on the radio you try your best to not dance along.

Pitbull ft. No matter how horrible the song may be or excellent for whatever reason, that little memory trip is lying in wait- prepared to pounce at any sign of weakness.

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Aug 13,  · As "manly men," there are some songs that we will never admit we enjoy listening to. But let's be honest, we freaking love them. You know, those few songs that when they play in .

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  1. But Wold's love of literature would lead to the discovery that he was a storyteller and a perusal of his works' titles betrays that destiny: 13 Versions of Surrender, I brought my hips to the table, It was in the summer that I first noticed your hair, your face, your eyelids, Dance of the Polygamists, and Ten Tan Girls for Every Boy, to recount.
  2. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Music of Love - Erling Wold on AllMusic. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Music of Love - Erling Wold on AllMusic Ten Tan Girls for Every Boy. Erling Wold. Spotify Amazon: 3.
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  4. Incidental music for the play The Islamic Republic of Las Vegas: Dance of the Testifiers, for retuned flute, vibraphone and drums. Included on Music of Love. Included on Rational Music for an Irrational World, Just Intonation Network, Dance of the Polygamists for piano. Ten Tan Girls for Every Boy for organ, saxophone, bass, synthesizer.
  5. Product Description. Erling Wold's chamber opera Mordake tells the story of young Edvard Mordake, a man of high birth, secreted away in his apartments due to his disfigurement: a woman's face on the back of his head, whose constant imprecations, heard by him alone, lead him on a terrifying course of action, one that may result in his own destruction.
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  7. They say for every boy and girl There's just one love in this whole world And I know I've found mine The heavenly touch of your embrace Tells me no one could take your place Ever in my heart Young love (young love), first love (first love) Filled with deep devotion Young love (young love), our love (our love) We share with deep emotion.
  8. Queer music icon Beth Ditto sings about unconditional, no frills love on this sweeping, synth-assisted Southern rock tune off her album Fake Sugar. “Nothing ever is perfect/ There's the good and.

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